Friday, 15 August 2014

SS. Filippo and Giacomo's Square

I use to spend part of my summer in a tiny village among olive trees
 ( Airole )

it is only 10km. from the sea (many of my followers already know the place )

The very center of the village is its small square...

with the fountain and the church...

Can you see the tables of the cafe over there?

People sit on the benches and look what it's going on...( which most of the time is very little!)

I sip coffee and surf on the internet or invite my friends to come for the day...

 there isn't much to do, but I always enjoy the quiet and relaxing  living here!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A hot day in the city

A hot day...o.k. but it isn't a good reason to stay at home!

Les Compain

or to wear  less elegantly...

So, let's follow me in the city!

Everything has a different face in summer, and I like when the fountains spray and refresh the air!

and the old building tell the tourists about past times...

What about my sandals? In my opinion there are very few sandals as feminine as the T-bar...

and a blue dress is always o.k.!

 Here you are something quite old but still working to refresh your day...

Wouldn't it be nice to go around on a scooter and feel the warm, air of  the sleepy city?

I wish you  a wonderful 15th of August which in Italy is a national holiday!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Just to check!

Yes, summer is going on well and, back from The Netherlands, I have received the mail I have been waiting for months...

The dear Greetje of no fair of fashion is coming to Italy!

And as I know she likes shopping and Italian brands, I promised to bring her to Serravalle outlet village

So, some days ago, I went there just to check that everything was o.k.  

Salvatore Ferragamo

Dolce e Gabbana


 I put on my yellow dress and asked mr. Bangio to get ready...

Max Mara-Fratelli Rossetti


Well, I have said...just to check...but to be honest...I have also purchased something, because...the last summer sales are the best!