Tuesday, 22 August 2017

End of August in Perinaldo

We are almost at the end of August : I must pile up as much beauty as I can.

Fill my eyes with memories

and my heart with emotions.

I will bring them back in mind little by little during the winter

And they will warm me long.

Today I am visiting the little village of Perinaldo
( Liguria region )

It's one of those tousands villages which  show the true soul of my country.

Away from the  famous touristic resorts there are no big hotels but stone houses

Frescoes in the alleys 

And the voice of old fountains ...

Look at my back : the sea is shining!
Tomorrow a whole day on the beach ...

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Steet style

Today is the 15th of August which is a national holiday here.
I  celebrate it with a different post about street style on holiday.
Most of the ladies I took photos of are over 40 years old

This one is wearing a lace dress and has a scarf in her hair.
She is back from the supermarket, but doesn't  give up being stylish! 

( she is also on high, golden-coloured sandals )

A young lady with a gorgeous dress

Nice blue  dress with a big neckline  for a walk with husband

Mini dress for the beach

Elegant  neutral colour for cocktail time

I always like when ladies dress up! 

Who is my favourite? The lady above, very elegant while  chatting on the net!

Have a wonderful day ...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The most modern of my skirts

Hello darlings!  I am wearing today the most modern of my skirts

Away from the heat of the city I went to Liguria region. I took photos at a seaside resort called Bordighera.
Staying by the see is always a relief when it's too hot !

Here it is my super modern skirt . As you see it has a very loose waist closed by a rope
( please note my necklace. Greetje bought it for me in one of her visit to Turin. 
It's very summery and soooo chic! )


A medium sized bag which I can carry on my shoulder and having my hands free


I found a happy medium between high heels and flat shoes 
Which is at the moment my style...

The top is knitted and comfortable. It is not visible in photos,  but it has a very accurate manifacture that looks like a lace. I couldn't resist to have it ( Falconeri )  even if iI I am not a fan of sleveeless top.
I decided to buy it after thinking for a while . 
At the end I am satisfied with the purchase. 

Bordighera is where I bought my skirt a couple of weeks ago
( nice shops here, with clothes a bit different from those I usually buy )

Summer is a good time for experimenting something different.
Not bad going out of comfort zone when you are on holiday, right?

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

St. Giulio

This post refers to the second day in Orta ( small city on Orta lake  )
 I was wearing a different t-shirt .

Even if my platform shoes were very comfortable , I had to buy a pair of flat sandals to be able to safely walk on pebblestones! 
( is what happens when you decide for a very lightweight luggage!!)

Then I was ready for a visit to the tiny island of San Giulio

A world of silence, where there is a monastery , a small restaurant  and

many narrow halleys where you could  see  the   shining water of the lake in the distance.

I was caught by the silent beauty of the island

where many indications invited visitors to be silent in respect of the place 
and the meditation that there took place .

The same day my husband helped a swallow

And finally we had dinner in the open air, at a typical little restaurant with tablecloths of different colours.

It has been  a very  special day. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Where to spend a long summer weekend for a change? 

I decided to visit Orta lake 
( North West of Italy, less than a couple of hours by car from where I live )

I had never been there...

...and so I booked a room

In the lovely city of Orta ( of course! )

Then I had to choose what to wear there.
( difficult task when you don't want to carry a heavy  luggage! )

Mistaking the outfit  means feeling uncomfortable for the whole staying 
and having no alternative.

The most important part of the luggage (for a lady) regards the shoes...
Because the wrong choice can ruin the journey! 

At home I had  thought that a pair of platform sandals would have gone OK: not too high, very soft leather, 
nice with my long, cream-coloured skirt ( Liviana Conti  )

The place was charming!

( stay tuned if you want to know about my sandals...)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The choice

In a hot afternoon at home I enriched a pair of earrings I had, adding a small bell.

Now I can wear them either with or without it. 
Big choice! 

With this puzzle in mind, I was enjoying the ( very ) quiet living  in Airole, the village where my second home is.
 Even if when I am there I miss my beloved city of Turin, love wasting time and leave my mind go free

( please note my end-of-the-season purchase : the knitted skirt has a peculiar net print )

 In the village, the time goes by slowly and big news are not frequent, but this year  there is something different.
look at my back: you can see a cafe', don't you? 

It's in the main square of the village:  there I have a  nice view over the church, 
there is fresh wind coming from the halley and the owner is a very friendly person. 
Always ready to give a helping hand.
So far so good...

But in the same  ( tiny ) square they recently opened a second cafe': nice view over the fountain,  more comfortable chairs, very friendly owner here too.

You know, in a very small place all  commercial activities need to be supported 

...Morning coffee here, afternoon cappuccino there,
luckily both cafes have a wifi connection!

To be honest I have to precise that neither here nor there it works properly  !!!
( OK...I am on holidays )