Friday, 27 September 2013

Is red the new black?

Have you noticed that on fashion magazines there are a lot of red clothes and accessories recently? 
I am not a  fan of red ( until now ) but I must say that  I have seen wonderful proposals around... usual I have focused my attention on bags

because I think that a stilish bag can make the difference...

Among the huge quantity of red bags that I have seen, I have chosen this Furla one 

and it is the first red bag I have ever had in my life!


A plain, red bag, because in fashion sometimes less is more...

I love it! And  it is double I can use it also inside out.

Today, In the morning , as  I  was getting ready, I thought that just one red accessory wasn't enough, so  I add this stone necklace I made myself last summer.

Have I said last summer? Oh, my God! 

We are in Autumn now...

...wonderful autumn!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Effects of blogging


I was reflecting, the other day about how I am changing...I have never used too much colours in my life:


no colourful dresses or coats, not colourful bags. ( even if I have been a bags lover since I can remember, I have always  bought cream shades, black or blue )

I didn't use belts  or feminine accessories, ( just beautiful plain clothes  and nothing more than, sometimes, a silk scarf )

dan - RESHO

I didn't wear necklaces!

Well...I was looking in my closet, the other day and was surprised to see so many colours...I realised that most of them are items I purchased not long ago.


And, to be precise, I bought them all after starting with my blog ( that is in last February )

It could be just a coincidence, but I don't think so...

What I think, is that probably seeing other blogs and keeping in touch with people all around the world, ( and that is something I love ) is changing me a bit.   I  often see wonderful colourful clothes and accessories and just wonder : why not?
...and I find it wonderful...

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Two are better than one!

As many of  you know,  during the summer I felt in love with...stones! 

And in my long holiday I had plenty of time to make necklaces. Well, it was so amusing and relaxing for me, that I create a huge number of them!
As a result, now I have necklaces of almost  every colour and sometimes, in the mornig, it is quite hard  to decide which one is the  best with my outfit!!

Today, at half past six  a.m.( I usually wake up early because I don't want to hurry! ) I  first worn the yellow one ( citrine stone and coral ) and I  found it was nice, then I wanted to try the pink  one  ( agate )  and I found it also was nice...

Since I simply couldn't choose, I decided to wear them together...

...which probably is a bit too much....


But it was time to take my bag and  go to work!!


As you can guess from my clothes, here is getting a little more cool and today I needed to wear a cotton jacket

with my slim fit pants, but...


...I don't know I can stay bare foot for long!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Someone looks happy!

Here there is mr.Bangio,rolling on the bed, showing all his happiness to be at home again. He is probably the one who enjoys everyday routine!
As far as I'm concerned...

I'm trying to be positive!  At the moment, there is at least one reason for me  to be happy...( to be honest I have many, and  more important ones! )

...I can  glance in my closet  and find back clothes I had forgotten to have!


For example this white blouse and a pair of pants I used to wear a couple of years ago.

On my holiday I had to reduce my luggage, so I left at home all my purses but one. Now it's a real joy to see them well arranged on the shelf, ready to be matched with my outfits!

Perhaps it's silly, but I am sure you can understand me!



I feel now I am ready for  autumn and new fashionable adventures!!!