Wednesday 27 November 2013

That was crisis, girls!

Last week I missed my weekly appointment with my blog...I am sorry about that but I have found it so difficoult to post recently.

I started blogging last February when spring was about to start...

so I didn't realized how hard it would have been to take photos in cold months!

The first   reason concerns lack of light (details of clothes and accessories aren't clearly visible )

The  second  problem is about low temperatures ( how can I take photos in the open air with no coat on ? )

And clothes! Warm ones in fact aren't very photogenic!! ( and I suffer so much low temperatures )

But here is getting colder and colder, and even Mr. Bangio had to wear his warm coat!

Last week I have been looking carefully your blogs, girls...and I missed you so much, my dears

so, I made up my mind to do my best...and now I do hope I can soon improve!

In the meantime a delicious chocolate muffin and a creamy cappuccino surely can make me feel better!!

Thursday 14 November 2013

Birthday week!

I ended my last post saying that a special week was coming for me...

...the fact is that on the 10th  November was my birthday!

What a surprise when I turned on my computer: my Google page said : Buon compleanno       Daniela! ( that means Happy Birthday dan ), very nice indeed!
I usually  celebrate the event for some days. A single  day goes by too quickly, and I have been waiting an entire year!

I need a day to have a party, one day is dedicated to the presents and finally I spend a third one to have a romantic day with my husband...( to be honest there is also a fourth day at work )

I am sure you have already guessed was I  asked my husband as a present: a wonderful, stylish, feminine, smart ... new bag!!


And, have you noticed my new, faux fur collar? 

It is warm and soft and I wear it as an alternative to the scarf!

Thursday 7 November 2013

At home

A post at home today, because I have something different I  want to share : my coffee table!

I saw it in a  shop about two weeks ago. I like modern furniture, and I wanted to change my old table. But it was quite expensive and I wasn't in the mood to spend all that money.

At home I decided to have a look on the internet and, to cut a long story short, I purchased it on Amazon because they sold it at a very cheap price!!
Once more I loved the net...

...but now, let's talk about fashion!!


As you can see, today I am wearing a strange sweater which is made of two different fabrics : viscose ( front ) and wool ( back ).

To be honest, it isn't a sweater but  a dress. Since it is too short for my taste,  I use it on a silk skirt ...

...I love beautiful tights, and today I have chosen a pair  with a floral pattern

and I wear my silver earrings...

...a new outfit next week! ( which, for me is a very special one...)

Friday 1 November 2013

The ancient part...

In the small city where I live ( about 35000 inhabitants ), there is an ancient part in which it is still visible the  medieval origin of the city.


I find it is beautiful, so it could be e nice idea to have it as background in some of my next posts.

And now...let's talk about me:I have had a quite busy week at work... ( sometimes it so happens!! )

...and today it is not a good day for my hair...

...I have also to add that taking nice photos seemed to be an unattainable goal!!

So I hope that all these problems won't be too visible in this post,


and that you have had a better week!!!

( for me best luck next week... )