Sunday, 22 February 2015

Black & white

Black and white iin my  a  classic and always you wear it? This is my  version of it today : a plain A-line skirt and a sweater 

and my black bag ( already posted last week )

I don't usually wear black as I find it means a too severe look at my age, and generally prefer gray or blue ... ( I have also read an interview in which Armani  said the same )

Fratelli Rossetti


To add some colour, two necklaces  ...

When you haven't time to mix and match, or, simply, aren't in the mood ... an easy combination of colours!

And a pair of Fratelli Rossetti can make the outfit!

( there are big news in my life, I will tell you ... soon! )

Sunday, 15 February 2015

About last week...

Another week has gone, with  sweet moments ( there was st. Valentine's )

and rainy days ... (but, isn't the whole life right the same?? )


After two weeks wearing trousers, today I am back to one of my dresses.


It has a rich print with polka dots, flowers and much more!

I paired it to a short cardigan,  ( in Italian this kind of cardigans  is called "scaldacuore" ,  which is a really cute word meaning ... something to keep your heart warm)

It has flowers and a sparkling bead

Giorgio Armani

In winter  days nothing better than looking at the world through a window

And feel that the rain can't wet you ...
Never forget to kiss your dear!

Saturday, 7 February 2015


This was how my city looked only a few days ago! 
Well, the snow is wonderful, and a snowy landscape is magic, but...

...luckily after a day of snow  it started raining!! (as you can guess I prefer clean streets and milder temperatures 

humidity  has a bad side effect on my hair, and I always need to tie it up... )

Temperatures were ( and still are! ) quite low, but I wanted to have a photo of my jacket, so found this nice courtyard where I was brave enough to take off my coat !

I was wearing the sweater you saw last week

( you can see a detail  in this close up )

and trousers again ( tooooo cold for a dress!! )

Do you like the snow in your city?
I am not sure I like it in mine ...