Monday, 30 November 2015

Welcome home!

I tried to brighten up my  mood with a very red lipstick

And  warm my heart with Christmas decorations

But my home remained terribly empty

So, when a volunteer of the local shelter asked me is I had any room for a two years old guy which had already been abandoned twice ...

... I said YES!

And then this little being arrived.

Once again I felt that love warms more than a thousand fires ...

and named him Grillo (which is the Italian word for cricket ) ...

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Red lipstick and Christmas decorations

My mirror  recently was reflecting a more tired and older face ...
( can a mirror  shows also your  soul???)

So I tried a simple, not invasive solution which could help: 
a very bright red lipstick!

I usually am  wearing neutral colours, but at the moment a vitaminic colour probably suits me better...and I gave it a chance!

Secondly, I wanted a warmer atmosphere at home

hence, on Sunday afternoon, I spent some time decorating it for Christmas

I know it's a bit early, but ... why don't break the rule ?

( old pair of boots )

Next week ... my third, most important decision!!

Many thanks, my dear friends for all your supporting comments on last week's post...♥♥

Monday, 16 November 2015

At the end ...

... and, at the end, Mr.Bangio has gone

I had to open my hand, and let him go

I took him to the vet and, in my arms, little by little he got asleep

And, silently, died.

I did it for love, just for love
with broken heart.

All of a sudden I felt the frost of winter ...

Monday, 9 November 2015

Have a little faith ...


We are having an extraordinary hot weather for the season. Nice! But  it also has negative sides...  
Am I supposed to change clothes in my wardrobe and then, after a short time,  doing the  job again??
I definitely won't!!

I had just taken out warm sweaters and all my coats and now  light weight stuff's stored!


All I can do is ... grin and bear it!

MaxMara group

and wearing something which doesn't make me feel like a penguin in a sunny desert!!

Have you ever matched the top of a sweatshirt to a classic pen skirt?
Today I have given it a chance!

Then I shoot

In the same place where I took this funny photo of Greetje a fourtnight ago

Now I am trustfully waiting to wear my winter clothings.

 As the signboard says, when you have a problem ...
have a little faith and it will all work out!!