Wednesday, 25 December 2013

I wish you...

Just a few lines today

The sweetest day's come

So no fashion today

I just want to wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas!!

Enjoy all the magic atmosphere of holidays...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

There is a place...

There is a place 

where I use to go when I I am in the mood for some shopping

Or just I want to have a look and see if there is something new around

I like modern, industrial architecture, and that is a more reason which makes the place one of my favourites...

Mr.Leumann, who you can see in the commemorative plaque, at the end of the XIX century, wanted a village where the workers of his factory could live.

Nowadays part of the Leuman village is the outlet of Max Mara group,

and that means it is also my reign!

Here I can find everything I need

or just have some fun  trying on hats

It is a  delightful place where I feel like a princess...

...even wearing a funny cap!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

An absent minded person...

Alberta Ferretti-Alysi-Max Mara group

Layers again, this week.In winter it is quite confortable for me, as you can never know...

Today it is a sunny day, nothing to do with the cold days of last week

And I have some time to tell you what happened to me a couple of weeks ago...

...I went to one of those outlet villages where I buy my stuff and I bought a pair of new black boots.

( To be precise the ones I was wearing in my previous post )

Gianfranco Ferrè

While I was coming back, since I couldn't wait until I was at home, I decided to  try my new boots on, and put the old ones in a plastic bag.

When at home I wanted to put them away, but...

Max Mara

In the bag there was only one of those!


Two weeks passed by , and I am still wondering what happened to the other  one!
Have you ever known a more absent minded person??

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I have got it!

This is a sort of thanksgiving post for the useful  tips and encouraging words I received...

I have read each comment with close attention, trying to learn as much as I could

Here I am in a shopping mall that has turned out to be a nice ( and warm! ) location for a post

I also tried to wear myself in a photogenic way, but, as I suffer cold weather very much, I had to put many layers of clothes on, ( such as a long sleeve t-shirt, a silk shirt, a wollen cardigan... )

my black boots and... faux fur collar.

Then I added a sparkling touch

and my last baby!

Finally, since I was feeling very brave, I went out without a coat!

By the way...please,  have a look on the roof at my back...That is snow! ( and temperature are below 0°C )
But I am a blogger, and...I can hold on!!

Thank you girls...