Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Taking photos with Greetje

There are times when two friends  share something different from shopping 

And spend two days together

Taking photos

And strolling 

in ancient streets.

They enjoy modern art 

( sometimes not easy to understand 

but beautifully situated in historic contexts ).

They also had a third day, of course ... dedicated to shopping!

Even if I had promised to keep her away from temptations ... I knew  that Greetje of No Fear of Fashion, wouldn't  have left Italy without buying new clothes !!

Monday, 19 October 2015

It's time...

The season of coats has arrived earlier this year ... and I wasn't ready yet!
I remember I usually have time to find all my winter stuff until the end of October, and take things to the laundrey for the last ironing

But not this year!
As I hadn't fully reorganized my closet with warm winter clothings, last Friday I quickly had to pick out thick wool sweaters and one of my coats ...

While I was searching, my old ( faux ) fur collar came out!
( I have got a full set of them!! )

I like when I find loved things which I had forgotten to own!!

Of course ... I needed  for something new ...
( window shops are soooo tempting in the city ... )

You can understand ... Autumn is too melhancolic without a little shopping ...

Monday, 12 October 2015

My friend Laura


I have been wearing often my white skirt 
( some of you surely remember it! )

And today I matched it to a light gray silk sweater ...

I still have  the nail polish I wore yesterday
for a special occasion

When I met Laura, my new Russian friend!

She had recognized me in a shop and kindly asked  if I was the blogger of The pretty cute!

We decided to spend an afternoon together because

 had so many things to talk about and ... a couple of sweets to taste!

It was a deligthful time and ... 
... I feel that now I have a more friend!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Boots (and local traditions)

Here temperatures have dropped during the week

And consequentely my clothings changed!
So, sweater, fake fur collar and ( new ) boots for me...

But it seems I wasn't the most elegant this time!
 Odd guys were wandering about last Sunday

Chatting in their old style costumes

Beautiful  ladies were sitting on the city's benches

And other ladies were having fun together ...

Fashion has drastically changed through the time


nowadays boots can be  so ... tres chic!

Until next week, my dears!