Monday, 25 April 2016

Visiting Asti

Though I love the city of Turin,
it happens that an event makes it overcrowded.

So, a fortnight ago I decided to spend the day in  Asti.

It is not far from where I live, not too big, quiet and tidy.

Ancient how I like.

The perfect place for a relaxing tour!

 I found so much beauty to admire!

Besides, it was Sunday and no shopping was possible there!

I know that  it may sound like a downside, 
nothing could distract me from the sightseeing.

I really enjoyed the day ...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mustard colour skirt

Max and co.

I can't stay long away from shopping and while at home with flu ( see previous post ), I bought this skirt online

Mustard colour is not easy to find and I couldn't miss the chance to have it in my closet! ( or ... could I ??? )

The skirt has a lovely an unusual shape, shorter at the front that caught my attention

Luisa Spagnoli

And goes nicely with my blue jacket !

Of course a new  bracelet was owed!

To tell the truth, the whole outfit looks a bit hostess-uniform style, which I emphasized wearing a bandana.

Now, looking at the photos, I am wondering if it was too much! 

What time does  the flight take off ???  

Saturday, 2 April 2016

At work!

I took a week off from  blogging and  I planned some  time with my dears ... 

I had thought to stay on the coast, enjoying my days under the sun and celebrating Easter with my old parents.
But, as often happens, things take their own way : only clouds in the sky on the coast, plus I got a bad flu and quickly had to come back home!

In any case, trying  to see the best side of things, after the days with high fever, I had some time for working ...

Working for me has different meanings.
One of the most pleasant, consists in leaving my creativity free to create ...

I need a very long time to elaborate a new project and,  while forced at home, I had a good chance of making and unmaking with my beads!

I really wanted some coral colour jewelry for next summer.
Then I realized that the beads I had, looked very nice with  some yellow ringstones and a gold colour little bell ...


My bracelet and ring are now ready. They will be perfect next summer!
But, in my opinion don't match badly  to my today's trousers eihter ...

I hope you had a better Easter week, but in any case... remember that sometimes there is a beautiful B side in life!!