Sunday, 24 May 2015

Denim and uniforms

Les Copains

A casual look for me today. Denim never goes out of fashion!

My black bag

and a pair among my favourite shoes.

A nice morning in the city for a coffee sitting in the open air where I can see peole passing by ... ( which is something I really enjoy )

Men in uniform always attract my attention and their elegance never is out of fashion too!

They are very kind  in Italy, and ready to help!

These last two are wearing traditional uniforms not in use anymore. ( what a pity I wasn't fast enough to shoot them at the front ... )

Back to my dress ... and a little secret ... 

... It is sleeves now, but wasn't when I bought it!

For me fashion is born to be personalized!!!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

My nest ...

Probably I have already told you that I am a fan of design furniture , in any case, today I want to dedicate my post to ... my armchair!
(Yes, you have read well )
Of course for me is very special...

 When I want to comfortably relax after a day at work or enjoy an evening at home and surfing on the net ( I have a lot to do with my blog!! )

it can be a chaise-longue!

When I happen to have a guest ...

It becomes a real, comfortable bed!

If you consider the fact that my home  isn't as big as an  old castle, you can get why I have bought an armchair which just takes a small place, and can have extra uses !

Vanity by FUTURA

My armchair is my soft, warm nest! 
Have you got a place that you specially like,  at home?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

I have been working hard!

At last my clothes are neatly hung into my wardrobe  again and I can find (almost ) everything.  I also found things I have been looking for long!


Surely, those of you who have recently moved house know what I mean:

Boxes everywhere and and a lot to do!!

to say nothing of the help I had to provide to the bricklayers in order to have the flat ready for the day...

But now that the worst has gone, I can slowly go back to my habits!

The Bridge

And you can't imagine how glad I feel for that!

Old Mr. Bangio,  had  very stressful days too in seeing  all that  mess around

but now he has realized that, whatever the house, there always  is a little place for him  by me ...