Saturday 27 July 2013

A jump into the blue

Hello! At last the day has arrived...and I am finally  by the sea! Since I am just arrived, I am trying to be well dressed and to match accessories as usual.

But I know that little by little I will become quite different...( and you will probably notice in my next posts )

These photos have been taken  on the beach of Ventimiglia and in this cafè I was waiting for my morning coffee, wearing a blue Moschino dress...

...which I had worn with my turquoise necklace, a pair of Trussardi sunglasses with dark lenses ( the light is very strong )...

...and my low heel Sax sandals ( this is the main disadvantage of being at the sea: less high heel shoes! ).

Before leaving Torino I had the luck  to find this Malìparmi plastic bag, which is perfect at the beach!( it was a real lucky said my husband, kidding on a very serious matter! )

Yesterday I had  the courage to ask him to click me in my bathing suit and share! (  I will be surely ashamed of soon )

 And talking of men... have you ever seen such an elegant person on the beach? ( is my husband who is wearing a long sleeve shirt, white trousers and loafers  ) Men are a real mystery to me!
Mr Bangio, who sometimes follow us on the beach ( there is a public area where dogs are allowed to go, they have water an a private shower too! ), looks at us and probably here is wondering: what are they doing on the beach lying under the sun?

For the time being this is my favourite landscape!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Too hot to stay!

Another hot day here! Look at mr. Bangio : don' t you think he needs some fresh air and a little sea breeze? In my opinion the answer definitely is YES!

In my city temperarures are rising, there are just a few people around, some of my friends are on holiday... a little change is needed for all my family. . .the  daily walk with my dear dog is getting more and more tired...and even fashion is becoming boring...


I wear a blue and white dress ( which you have probably seen in Spring ), the necklace I have made myself, and a pair of  sunglasses,

which I love because they have not too dark lenses and are perfect in town,

this very soft sandals I bought a year ago. . .

I wake up, I wear my clothes trying to match accessories properly, but...I have  just a thought in mind. . . to pack!

So, forget my city for a while and . . . are you ready to follow me to a different location? See you next week on the beach!!!

Friday 12 July 2013

A dear garden...

MAX-MARA group

Hello! A hot, summer afternoon here  and , despite the heat, I have decided to wear a shirt ( which for me is one of the most unconfortable things to wear in summer! ).  It's a linen, turquoise one with a ribbon to tie on the front. Since the shirt has no sleeves it is bearable! I have also  a silk, grey skirt on. 


Today my sister has come to see me and we have decided to walk and reach a dear place to take some photos...


There, a lady has helped  to show my neckace


The place in 1700 was  a manor house surrounded by orchards. Recently it was restored and around the garden ( which in part is a courtyard ) overlook some apartments.


It is a special, dear, place to me because my parents live there,

and  my mother spends most of her time in the garden...

Saturday 6 July 2013

Just a light dress...

In the small town where I live, there are several houses which were builded in early 900. I started appreciating their beauty only recently and now I find they have a delicate grace...

MAX MARA group

Here in Italy, summer is progressing with warm and sunny days and I happen to spend my time strolling and looking around. I love these lazy days in which I can enjoy tiny  pleasures as the fresh morning breeze or my daily  coffee...

I have plenty of time to dedicate to my hobbies and the purse you can see is something I made myself last year but I had never used until now because I never comleted it.

It is a crocheted bag with an embroidery on the front side ( that I use as a pocket to keep in handy my keys and sunglasses ).
Last week I have changed handles and put these bamboo ones which I find beautiful...

To remain to floral theme I am wearing a pair of pink earrings and my glass necklace  ( which I am overusing! )


A light, cotton dress is everything I need in summer: no cardigan, no jacket, nothing more until autumn!