Monday, 28 July 2014

What shape do dreams have?

Hi to eveybody! And many sorry about my lack of comments on your blogs rececently but I have been veeeeery busy ... There has been something which has completely caught my attention....

I am sure you can guess what I mean... I went to The Netherlands!! And that was something I really have been dreaming about hundreds of times from when I  got acquainted with Greetje through her blog 

Amsterdam is a really beautiful city, but I have to confess that I only had eyes for  Greetje!

She is wonderful indeed ( I am not only referring  to her physical aspect ) and did so much to make my staying there the most comfortable and enjoyable!

We walked in the city,  had a lot of great cappuccino breaks ( we two are very fond of it! ), chatted as we were old friends, and she was so kind ! ( on my part I can't tell how sorry I was when I realized I was not  able to take good photos  of her with her camera!!)

We did some shopping together ( isn't that what women are born for??   :-) 

and I met a very special person :
Ron, her husband, whose hospitality and  friendly smile I won't forget!
(  despite the rain, he also arranged for me a wonderful travel in the canals on his boat!! )

We visited a delightful museum dedicated to bags,
and, at last, we focused our attention on Dutch design ( and we bought a new pair of sunglasses because that was  the one we two extremely needed!   :-)

Just a  few things of life are as precious as friendship!

Greetje promised she will come to Turin soon, so...let's stay in tune girls!!

Monday, 14 July 2014

About the kindness...

I was on my way home a fortnight ago, 

and, as usual, I passed next to of the nice garden which I have already used  once as a background for my photos

The garden was especially beautiful because it was full of flowers  

Of course, to keep a garden in orden requires a lot of work, and in fact there was a lady who was taking care of the roses

I stopped for a moment admiring the garden, so the woman offered me a bunch of those flowers...

at home I thought that the kindness makes this world a better place where to live!

( by the way, it has been quite chilly recently here and I have restyled the asimmetrycal dress I wore some weeks ago )

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Are you ready?

Are you ready to follow me to the seaside?    :-)

Liviana Conti

Of course that requires the choosing of the appropriate dress...


and a huge straw bag for the beach! ( do you have one? They are soooo cute! )

At last  has come the time to pack up and enjoy some days by the sea!!
And packing up is so an hard job for me!
How can I decide to bring only one bag on holidays?
And to say nothing about shoes!!

( so you can see in this photo my extra bag...just in case...)

I know  well  that, very soon, I will start realizing   I need just what I have left at home...

I hope that packing up is an easier task for you...


...and that you are enjoyng the summer as well...

See you next week!