Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Vintage details...

I had some time last week, so I spent an afternoon combining clothes together. I like doing it and besides, if I do, I find it easier in the morning get ready quickly.

Since I am a shopping addicted, in my closet I can find almost everything.Also a vintage bag which I didn't remember to have!

A vintage bag is a little tresure! So I needed to  find another vintage accessory to match it!

And, of course I find something in my closet! This bracelet is a present my sister gave me last year

I don't often buy vintage, but  in a flea market you can happen to find something really cute

Which is worth buying...

And here comes the last part of my story...last Saturday, while I was in the city, I saw this pair of earrings (vintage again ). I couldn't miss them because  they would be perfect with my bag and bracelet!

And here I am, wearing my new treasure...isn't it easy to be happy??
I hope you too had a nice week ...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New purchases and old ones

Making a post is sometimes a quite hard task for me, since it requires three things that aren't too easy to put together

First of all I choose a  location, which can be a nice background for the photos ( and I must say that I like old houses which have a delicate elegance )

Then I wear something which makes me feel confident with

Today it is my Max Mara coat ( I know, I know, you  have already seen it ) and pants ( not new,  but I think I haven't still posted them! )

Of course I don't buy new clothes or accessories for each post!

And there are hundreds of ways to mix and match items...

... if I have, I wear something new ( like this bracelet,

and my pair of earrings ).

Accessories can add a special touch to an outfit! Now my post is ready!

Monday, 13 January 2014


Today I want to dedicate my post  to Josep Maria, who has recently decided to stop posting (and whose blog, Sense corbata.../No tie..., I miss very much )

For the occasion I have decided to wear my little black dress, a red stone necklace which I made myself, a little cross body bag and my pair of Armani black booties.

Other blogger took the same decision...isn't that wonderful how the internet  can allow people to get in touch and create a net of posts dedicated to a dear person?

There is an extra accessory you can't see on my coffee table...well, that isn't exactly an accessory... but, don't you think that a drop of perfume can complete an outfit, telling a lot about the person who is wearing it?

Mine is Eau legere by Bottega Veneta...
and, since I am a curious person, I am wondering now what is yours!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

In love with flowers!

Do you believe? We are in the middle of winter and I feel as if spring were coming!

But I am wearing one of my coldest coats


with my favourite booties !(Emporio Armani)

The solution, as usual, comes out of my closet

Where I can find almost everything, including a floral blouse  ( which I am wearing today with one of my wollen collars ) (Twin Set )

If only I think that American bloggers are under a thick layer of snow...

...brrr, I feel frozen!

(...better to put  again my coat on!!)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I have been celebrating for some days with relatives and friends, and, as that means also long lunches and dinners ( look at my waist, do you think my coat is a bit too tight today? )...

...I decided to have something different. So I went to town  and spend a morning visiting a museum

MAO is the Oriental Art Museum of Torino

For the occasion I put on my light colour dress ( Max Mara ) with a silk shirt         ( Seventy )

At my back you can see the Japanese garden which is just at the entrance of the museum

Isn't this face a real beauty?

The place is a XVIII century building

Which I find as wonderful as the museum 

I hope you will enjoy the visit just as I  did...visiting a museum has been my way to start the new year.
Happy 2014!!!