Sunday, 30 June 2013

My necklace is ready!

I am back home after some days near the sea...just to start properly my holidays ! ( I will soon let you know ) Today I have  great news: I have  finished the necklace I was making myself...

I have used 33 irregular pearls and 5 woodden rings. It hasn't been too difficult, just a bit longer than usual.

It took me some days to make but I find it goes well with my Sicilian earrings,

so I am quite satisfied with the result...

 Today I am wearing my pink dress which has a ribbon on the front ( Luisa Spagnoli ) and the bag you have already seen in my last post.

It was in the morning when I took the photos and perhaps there was too much light. Next time I will snap in the afternoon, I promise!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Scent of Sicily

I was waiting for something I had bought  a few days ago...
...I don't know about you, but I am always a bit anxious to receive what I buy online... cut a long story short, yesterday it arrived!
 And, when I opened a little cute box, I saw a pair of delightful silver earrings made by hand in Sicily!  ( Nubia Creazione Gioielli )

Since the previous photo isn't too clear, I tell you that, on the squared volcanic stone, they painted a sicilian car which is similar to this one and  was often  used in past times to carry things

Thank you, mr. Salvo, to have given me the opportunity to wear this little piece of Sicily ( where my dad was born many years ago )

In the photos I am wearing a linen, cream colour dress ( Luisa Spagnoli ), one of my Furla bags and a pair of Ferrè sunglasses

And, by the way...tomorrow will officially start my  holidays!

Friday, 21 June 2013



A few weeks ago I went to Serravalle Village to buy something I was in extreme need of,     :-)      as I told in a post. There, I bought the dress in the photo, which has a nice  floral print.

Yesterday morning,  I found it would be a good idea to go to Torino and buy some new beads. I put my new dress on, my glass necklace  and took my Coccinelle bag.
Mr. Bangio wasn't in the mood of staying at home, so he decided to join.
Since I am fond of  decor, I had a glance at the shop you can see behind me

 They sell beautiful fabrics which use also to cover armchairs.

Finally I went to the little shop where I usually buy  all the little stuff I need to make necklaces.
I will show you if something good comes out!

 I hope you had a nice week. See you soon!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Battle of flowers

 Every year in June takes place in Ventimiglia the "Battle of Flowers" .

In the streets of the city passes a parade whose floats are entirely covered with flowers

During the parade,  people on the floats throw flowers to passers-by

A jury carefully observes how floats have been made

And, at the end of the parade, the most beautiful of them is awarded

Looking at the photos you can imagine how much work  to make a float!

I posted photos which are larger than usual to let you enjoy the parade

I couldn' stay until the end  and I can't tell you which one was the winner, but my favourite  float was the third one...

Friday, 14 June 2013

Something unexpected

 While I was strolling, the other day I realised that in the street where I pass almost every day, there was a beautiful antique house and I had never noticed  its beauty...(I am a quite absent minded person) 

  I decided it could be a nice location for a post ( perhaps a way to excuse myself )

MAX MARA group

 Summer heat has come here at last, so in the photo I was wearing a very light, blue dress with a nice ribbon on the front.

I took  the last photo wearing a pair of my sunglasses, and then, looking at that on my tablet, I thought that...


... there are some objects, as sometimes people, which do have a strong personality!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Serravalle village is a place built to concentrate many famous  brands. They sell at a lower price from past collections. It is one of my places when I am  looking  for  bargains! Sometimes I go there just to have the pleasure to go in and out of shops and see my favourites...( which are Prada, La Perla, and of course Furla ! )

Some days ago, I wanted   to celebrate  the end of school ( for students but not for teachers yet! ), so I decided to go to Serravalle and see if something new was happening there.


The weather was not very good and, as you can guess by my wet hair, was raining. That for me was just a detail of no importance...

I bought some things  I had absolutely in need of ...

...and finally, tired but happy, I headed  home!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A new one

Last time I was in Ventimiglia I purchased this glass necklace.It is of no value ( and in fact I only payed 5 euros for it ) , but I was attracted by its colour.

When I arrived home I worn my new necklace, and  I saw that was pretty good with  a pair of earrings I own.

Here I am! With my "jewels" on, close to the building where I live, 

this is the public garden where Mr. Bangio goes for his daily walk. ( my friend who took the photo, decided that half head was enough !! )

In the  garden there is a nice little cafè cafe where we have often a break...

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Denim in paradise

My e-friends probably remember what I refer to when talking about paradise... for those who don't know , I say that exists a tiny village in Liguria which name is Airole.

I go there when I want to relax or to enjoy a brief holiday because it is about 10 km from the sea.
Today  I show you this corner of Airole which I find beautiful...


I am wearing a denim jacket  on a dress, and I have one of my favourite bags.

Through a narrow alley get back on the main path...

And here I am next to the front door of my house. As you see some of the photos are not of high quality...sorry, but it was in the evening when I took the last ones and probably there wasn't enough light.
I hope  all of my dear friends can have  a pleasant day!