Tuesday 27 June 2017


The same day when I bought my red skirt ( I shared it two posts ago), a blouse in the same colour went home with me : this is going to be my red summer!!

The blouse has a funny shape which allows to style  the piece differently :

With a  knot at the middle  front 

Two knots on the two sides

Or just a one side knot ...

Not a big difference anyway.
Plus, honesty I have to admit that I  usually wear the blouse with no knots at all. 
It's funny, but  when you are at the shop, details seem to be an extra reason for purchasing!

 I also added  red accessories to my outfit : lucky red crowns
( no, I don't believe in   combinations between objects and what happens in real life . Do you? )

The other bracelet has a  coin with a religious symbol ( found in a flea market ) tied up in a bow to a bangle .
 Finally I wore my floral ring ( both already worn in many recent posts )

I matched my bracelets to a church with two big statues of saints  ...  (Yes,  I really did!! )
very often  the photos of the surroundings that I include in my posts are related  to what I am talking about ( Sometimes in a very hidden way)

Do you have a favourite colour this summer? 

Sunday 18 June 2017

Three good reasons

Hi! I am some days late with the post, but I have at least three good reasons for that! 

First, I enjoyed some days in the tiny village not far away from the coast
  where I often go when I need rest 

To be precise, when I say rest ... I mean silence, quiet living and doing really nothing!
As you can guess from the photos...this is the right place for that!!

The second reason for my late posting is that ... when I go there I take only necessary stuff! 

A few jewels,very few accessories, very simple clothes. I have nothing which makes a post interesting! 

And finally, here comes the third reason : the salt water of the nearby sea,sun and the heat,
 the  ( pleasant) laziness of my days there...have ( bad ) effects on my look! 

In a word, it took me time get some good photos! 

But holidays are holidays, right??   :-)
I only wonder ...
Am I the only one who  prefer spending summer, torrid days away from the crazy world ??

Monday 5 June 2017

Woman in red

It had to happen sooner or later: last week I decided that red was not so bad after all...
( nothing against the colour,  but I haven't  been wearing it often in my life)

So, why not give it an ( exaggerate ) try??

Not an ordinary red skirt,  but a long, wide, asymmetric one which surely doesn't go unnoticed! 

Big flowers as earrings in a pale shade of yellow
( recently bought )

L'Autre Chose 
And neutral colour low heel sandals.

It was a hot morning in the city 

and I was looking for some corner in the  shade ...

Which didn't turned out to be a good idea for having good quality photos...

Do you happen to wear an extraordinarily exaggerate piece of clothing now and then?