Sunday 26 June 2016


As I am a good customer (very good indeed!) I am among those who receive a special invite from the shops

And can choose clothing at a lower price before the official start of  summer sale.

Hence, in a very hot day, last week I went for a light weight dress.


Of course, I came home with something completely different!!
( don't you happen to do  the same??? )
In fact I fell in love with a pair of linen trousers which looked like denim! 
( and two checked tops )

Aldo Castagna 

( old )

Emporio Armani

(old )

I don't often wear trousers and even less in summer, 
but the assistant assured me that since they where from linen,  would have been very fresh and comfortable also in hot days.

 I do hope!

Monday 20 June 2016

Another case of ... personalization!

Last week I was wearing a pair of bottle green sandals. Today I want you to know how they were born.

They had a large suede ribbon to be tied around the ankle...

I  changed a bit their look with a leather string.
 Changing things  is something I very often do and  usually call ... 
" personalizing  items !" 

I really can't avoid it...

Of course I can wear my sandals with their original ribbons if I like.

Do you do the same?

Monday 13 June 2016

Post with artist

I am firmly convinced that if you are able to look at the world with a positive eye, you can
catch the beauty everywhere.

Vic Matie'

So, with my bottle green sandals on, ( at last their time has arrived!! )

I was ready for a walk on one of the "bad" districts of the city ...

Max and co.

Away from the elegant streets of the centre, the city looked different. 
   I found it interesting and vital  and I liked the vibe.
The day was hot, hence I was wearing a sleeveles ( and  old ) viscose dress.
One of those fantastic clothes which you don't need to Iron ...

... I had matched it to my bucket, white bag to make the whole ensemble less dark.

( Beautiful window )

Then, just around the corner, the surprise : a tiny exhibition which title made me curious. ( The four seasons )
I saw gorgeous photos  which where an explosion of  summer feelings...

In the place, I met the photographer, Sveva Bellucci. A charming and sweet person 
( Grillo seemed to love her too!! )

I thought that beauty was really everywhere ...

Sunday 5 June 2016


Do you have  a four season piece of clothing in your closet?

Liviana Conti

This  silk, green dress I bought last year really is.  It's comfortable  both in the cold seasons and in spring. 
 I have only to match it to the suitable cardigan and tights according to the temperature. Easy, isn't it?

Today I have chosen a very contemporary background for the post

I am in the public garden of the Justice Palace of Turin

Where there are imponent metallic components ... don't ask me what they are, because I don't exactly know... they look like the ones you can see on  ships!

A very contemporary landscape ...

... which is perfect for sharing  my "O chic" !
( a present from my husband )
"O bags" are very popular in Italy at the moment ... they are made of gum. I choose  the bronze colour for the body and a pair of rope handles  to get a summery look.

There were so many different combinations and until the end I wasn't sure about my very favourite! Rock colour or white? Leather handles?
 It took me  time to create mine.

But, look at the big pipes : they seem to nod ...  OOOOOh, yes, I got the best one!