Thursday, 24 October 2013

Me and my socks


I don't think you have ever seen me wearing socks...

and that sounds quite funny  because I use to wear them quite often when temperatures aren't too low!


Here you can see what I exactly mean!

MAX MARA group

The truth is that I am a peculiar kind of lady...


and have my own ideas about fashion!!

Which include a large use of socks...

I just take from fashion what make me feel fine...and use it my way.

 and, at last,

have you noticed that today I have combed my hair in a different way?

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gray with yellow necklaces

To follow the new season fashion in a flash, and get ready quickly in the morning, is impossible for me since temperatures are changing continuously!!

Last week it was about to snow somewhere near here, this week it seems that spring is coming!
That's autumn! And today I am enjoying a pale warm sun...


So, I have brushed up my gray, floral jacket ( which is one of my favourites ), and matched it with a wollen dress by Max Mara ( again! )

I  have worn two yellow necklaces


and a pair of earrings made with the same stones,


My old, ( but yet beautiful ) black bag :


isn't it lovable?

I like this kind of ladylike elegance on me, a little old slyle...Do you?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wool coat and faux fur

While I was looking at my favourite blogs the other day, 

I noticed that many ladies  where still wearing light clothes such as T-shirt and shoes with no tights.

Then I looked at me and realised I had always done the whole change in my closet!!

That includes also bags, of course...

No light T-shirts left free to be worn again, 

no, light shoes...I have definitely close with summer!

The main reason is probably that I suffer cold weather, and the older I am, the worse it is...

I love every season and everyone has its own advantages,

but the main disadvantage of autumn, is that you have to combine a lot of clothes together, and being elegant becomes a harder goal to reach...

I have tried to do my best this week, and now...I am waiting to see your warm outfits to be inspired!!

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Some days ago, last Saturday to be precise, I went to Torino to see if there was something new.

As I wanted to wear something special to match my red bag, I wore the very first parure I made mysel : necklace and earrings with the same stones.

Aren't theycute?

I felt like a lady, ( I need so little to be happy! ) and made for the city, where I took some photos in Galleria S.Federico,

the weather was quite hot as you can guess by looking at my sleeveless optical dress, and mr. Bangio had some rest next to me....

After a couple of days, the weather was completely different and, since I decided to wear the same dress, I had to add a wollen jacket!

then I wore my red, double face bag the other way, because purple seemed to be better... useful, to have versatile clothes and accessories!!