Wednesday 19 April 2017


I had planned to spend some days in Rome hence a fortnight ago I packed my things .
I  don't like to carry big suitcases and so ...don't expect to see me wearing special clothes!

The bridge

I chose  one of  my white bags

a long dark skirt and a Linen t-shirt with flats 
( I packed  long skirts because they don't require tights and flats because they are the best shoes with very long skirts ).

August's temple 

 I went through the wonderful city

Trevi fountain 

 In which I used to go  often many years ago.
 There, I have been living the love story with the man who is my husband now .

Bernini's fountain ( la barcaccia)

The journey brought to mind a lot of happy memories....


And I have been walking for many hours a day ! 
( as you can see too many for my small dog)

Rome is a fantastic city and not only for its beauty. There is something so special in it!
When you are really tired  there is a magic place where to have some rest : Trinita' Dei Monti 

and we three were sooooo tired! 

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Thank you

Last week I asked for some help. 
I couldn't find a good translation from Italian and many of you suggested me the correct one....
( I should have said rubber or waxed cotton instead of gum ).

I know I have much to learn yet in order to make my English-speaking  fluent and I sometimes think that my followers are very kind to keep on reading my posts...

So today I want to thank you for your patience and  for your help to improve my English ...

To my look now! 
I am wearing a linen cardigan with a blue pencil skirt.
The cardigan has been made adding a metallic fibre
for a most creased look...

No matters how long you iron  the cardigan : you can never ever produce a different look!!
Funny, isn't it ? 
It's a sort of...shabby chic style perhaps...

In spring with sudden  changings of weather and temperatures,  I need smart ( and stylish ) ideas to stay comfortable!
Today it's chilly here and I am wearing leggings to keep my legs warm ...

Have you ever worn  leggings with a pencil skirt? 
I added my small handbag for a most grown-up style.

Afternoon at home today and some time for taking photos on the balcony where my plants are blooming! 

The sun is shining inside me despite the rainy day...