Monday 29 August 2016

About yellow dresses, O' bags and a pair of gloves

Last week my friend Greetje came for a visit

We spent together four sunny days with high temperatures ( which very surprisingly didn't bother her!! )

We had  time for sightseeing, 

sharing some of the beauty around

and having lunch in the open air.

If you are wondering about shopping, I say that ... the new Greetje's white O'bag can suggest you the most correct answer!! 

As well as my brown gloves of course!

It is not bad having friends, is It? 

Monday 15 August 2016


National holiday yesterday in Italy.
 (15th of August recalls the  Roman emperor Augusto's holidays )
Most Italians enjoyed the day on the  beach..
I wasn't an exception! 

Sunshine, blue sky and the sea in front of me ...

... colourful buildings at my back.

Cotton light weight beach dress without jewels.
I don't wear jewels in very hot days, ( do you? ) .
 Not comfortable,
there will be plenty of time in cold seasons! 

In any case, my dress, has a little bow as front decoration! 

( view )

I spent the day sunbathing, swimming and and then comfortably placed in the shadow,

sipping my favourite drink ...

Monday 8 August 2016

Summer feelings

Today's post is dedicated to  the upsides of summer season! 
1st : you can wear sandals
( have you ever thought how pleasant it is? )

2nd :  enjoy  dresses with a wide neckline
( and feel the breeze on your  bare skin )

3rd : have a lot of time for making relaxing things!
( and be proud  of realizing  simple projects ... )

4th : stay under a very light blue sky 
( and enjoy the brightness of  colours )

Is there something you especially associate to summer?

If I should choose one, it would probably be the smell of a fig sprig just broken ...

Nothing news in my today's outfit ... now and again  I don't do shopping 
( but only for a very short time!! )