Tuesday 29 April 2014

Mix & match

Today I am wearing clothes that have already posted..

but now I  have mixed it in a different way!

The only news are about the last stone necklace which I have made!
( to be precise they are three, tied together with a thin black  ribbon )

We are having a very spring weather, with warm and cold days...
the perfect weather for my cream colour jacket and a pair of slim fit pants, which fabric has a nice tie-pattern

I find spring is also the right season to wear a shirt, and in fact I generally use it just in this season ( or somethimes in Autumn )

because too cold or hot makes it unconfortable for me to wear one.

I bought this blue one in London years ago, but it was a good purchase and I still like it

that proves, as the dear Greetje of No fear of Fashion  said, clothes are not to be worn just once! ( if I can remember well! )

Wednesday 23 April 2014

New hairstyle in a sunny day ( with a touch of orange...)

We had a very rainy weather for Easter, so, when we saw on the weather forecast that a couple of sunny days were approaching, we got into the car and went to the seaside. When we were there, I first went  to my favourite hairdresser ( I have more than just one hairdresser!) for a trim 

I am not too brave at the hairdresser's, so I didn't ask  a drastic cut

A better look, isn't it?

The mild temperature invited me to take  a walk ...

While I was around, in a joyful mood, I noticed this nice painting on a wall, which reminded me a beautiful nasturzio flower I had seen nearby

in the same orange colour of a beautiful nasturzio flower I had seen nearby 

and also the colour of the boat on the beach

It was a pleasant "orange" day, I wish you had a nice day too...

Saturday 12 April 2014

Like a tourist...


There is something unpleasant in taking photos in a small city...people find it unusual!

I generally don't care too much, but for this post I went  to Torino to snap some pictures ( also to have a little change )

In the past, ( not many years ago ), Torino has always been only the city of Fiat and many activivities were related to that industry...

...then came the Olimpic Winter Games of 2006, and it was the start of the tourism

Today it's quite common to see people taking photos or going around with city maps...

...so no one  realized I was a false tourist and I could snap without being noticed...my mission was accomplished!!    ;-)

 if you celebrate it...best wishes for a wonderful Easter!

Monday 7 April 2014

Without tights!

Great day today! It is the first time this year I go out without tights!! 

The fact is that I find them soooo unconfortable...

...and, as soon as I can, I take out of my closet a pair of sandals!

When I was looking for them, the other day, I decided it was also the time for my blue and white cotton little jacket

Which I am wearing here with a pair of blue pants

We are having very hot days recently, and the flowers are blooming everywhere

so I am explaining  to the old Bangio he should be quickly changing his hair! ( as he is still wearing his winter  fur ) 

while he patiently is waiting his turn to have a photo...dear, sweet friend!!