Monday, 23 March 2015

It's Spring again!!

Have you realized?? It's Spring again!!! And the flowers have started blooming ...
( I wish it is the same in your part of the world! )

I have just find a pair of earrings really perfect for my today's mood

And I am wearing a green ( do you call it green? ) dress

to celebrate the passage from Winter to the new season!

I love big cities because you can always find something special that makes you feel like a princess!

and in these days also delicious chocolate eggs! 
I can only look at them, because as I said last week, I  have  bought mine.

To tell the second half of the Easter egg is already over! :-(
Look at  these small ones! They would perfectly match my dress...

O.k., I will be a good girl this extra chocolate!

 fennel, kiwi and raisins salad for dinner today!!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Same coat with yellow dress...

This week, I paired the grey (MaxMara ) coat to my yellow dress...quite different, isn't it?

Brown shoes and bag
( I have been wearing both very often recently! )

And added ( double rounded ) two long necklaces 

Really useless to buy new clothes at the moment for two very good  reasons : my closet is full of old ones which still work...

... and secondly because the weather here is really bad at the moment! With cold, rainy and windy days ... so I find it impossible to think of spring outfits!!
( there will be time before long ... )

My only purchase this week has been ...

... a fantastic Easter chocolate egg!
which I immediatly opened and tasted ! So thin and bitter...I really  couldn't resist!!
Have you already bought one all for yourself this year??

Saturday, 7 March 2015

News! ( and a side problem... )

It'a fact:I will leave my's sold, gone! That's why I went to see some furniture in a nearby store.
Is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon??
( but I am not sure my husband thinks the same! )

For the occasion I was wearing  my version of the denim skirt + animalier print

and I had my brown bag 

After hours of glancing left and right, my poor feet needed some rest

and I,  a good coffee!

At the store there were many inspiring rooms gracefully furnished and I examined everything thinking how the pieces would have been placed in my (new) home ...

How many ideas about how... what ... and where!!! The only problem at the moment is that ...

...  I have not bought a new flat yet ( oh dear, I don't want to think of it!! ) so I only purchased four very big pillows for my future bedroom ( I do hope I will have  again one soon!! )

I am sure  you can forgive me for my late posting...