Saturday, 30 January 2016

New and old

Les Copains

Let's start with the new : my coat.The end of the season is the best time for purchases, and  I could buy this piece for the third part od its initial price ... 

Short, checked, black and white, egg shape.
I have a fancy for checks!

And It goes with my brown trousers!


Then comes the old : can you believe that my sweater Is about ten years old?
It is.


Old also my necklace. 
Pearls generally add a very classic accent , but this is not the case...


Old also my bag, but quality items can last very long!

I took the photos at Eataly:a sort of supermarket which sells only selected food. You can also eat there, drink a beer or just a cup of coffee or taste  an ice-cream.

A last photo before I go ,  have ... good end of the season picks, girls!
( if you like )

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sooooo cold!

It had been a cold week here! 
And I had heard that  they were having bad weather in many parts of America too, included NYC.
The TV was transmitting pictures of streets covered with snow ...Brrrrr!

With low tempereratures, Saturday I was not in the mood of going to the city and preferred a lazy afternoon at home ( which also included taking photos ).
I could stay warm, enjoy some quiet hours and style the clothings  I would  have worn the following day.
 As you know, low temperatures don't help to be stylish! 

I took it easy and chose my accessories.

Silver, and copper are not bad together ...

 the  bag

Thick tights and  ( high heels ) shoes 


pink Tshirt underneath a (new )  sweatshirt. 

Green, with pale pink astract flowers. 

Tomorrow I will go out early, I promise!

Don't you feel that home is the best place to stay in  very cold days?

Monday, 18 January 2016

Purple outfit and Christmas presents

I spent also a third day in  Verona ( see previous posts ) but I don't want to indulge too much on the subject, and so here I am back at home...

Do you like purple? Today I am wearing three shades of the colour : for my cardigan, velvet blouse and  skirt.

Is it too much?

Here it is a close up of my bag ... Not new, but exactly the same colour!

Apart from that, I am wearing my bracelet with charms

which I have just finished as a present for Christmas
( I always give myself a present for Christmas, do you? )

and a necklace ( husband present ).

Luckily among my stuff I didn't find any pair of purple earrings. 
Otherwise probably today ... I wouldn't have resisted to wear them too!

Until next week dears!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Visiting Verona ( part two )

Let's start the second part of my visit with the hotel:

it was a charming place with many  pictures hanging everywhere!

It was tasteful furnitured

and had relaxing soft colours.

After a quiet sleeping, the second day I was ready to keep on my sightseeing...

But leaning out of the window I realized that, unluckily, the weather was not as
 good  as the previous day ...

and when it started snowing,  I decided to wear also my hat !

But the bad weather couldn't ruin the stunning beauty of the city!

And I kept on walking and admiring and loving everything around.

In the hotel I rested and finally ... could take off my high heel boots!!

( and then it came the third, long, day ... )

Friday, 1 January 2016

Visiting Verona ( part one )

I have always loved visiting cities but with a very old dog it had become hard to stay out.
 During my Christmas holidays, I decided it was time to start again  with the habit
and packed up ...

I made up my mind for Verona, and, if you like Italy and never went to the city, I eagerly suggest to visit.

It has got a charming ancien part full of shops 

delightful old streets,

piazza delle erbe

and big, historical squares
( this one was once a Roman Forum ).

Here you can see the famous balcony where Giulietta ( do you  remember Romeo and Juliet ? Shakespeare chose Verona to set the story )  leaned out and talked to her beloved Romeo ...
(a very sad story but also  sooooo romantic! )

there are traces of history everywhere!

And they also provide good backgrounds for photos!!

I spent wonderful  days there and hope you enjoyed the virtual  tour!

Domenico Morone-Madonna and child

Next week I will share  the hotel where I stayed.
If you like to see the second part of my tour ... don't miss the post!