Sunday, 26 March 2017

Raincoat part two ( or the wall )

This is my second raincoat : it is blue and made from gum.
( which I think is a  bad translation...can you help me? )

It has a polkadots print in the inside
and it's perfect in rainy and windy days ... 
 Spring is when we have unstable weather here. 

 To say hello to the new season I  wore my bag with flowers.

Max Mara  

Do you remember my flats? They have been a good purchase! 
I only hope not to become too used to flat shoes ... high heels are sooooo nice! 

The other title of the post is "The wall"
You know, in my opinion there is a delicate beauty in ruined buildings
and they have many stories to tell. 

I can feel the echo of past time.
Sometimes on the old walls  lights and shadows produce pleasant effects.

Spring it's here.  But I  still have to put away most of  my winter stuff.  I am a wise girl and  want to be sure I won't need them anymore until autumn. Have you already done the hard job? 


For the time being I have taken  out some cotton sweaters in  soft  colours.

And my gray and white skirt...

I hope you had a joyful   first week of spring!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Raincoat and ... a new trend! ( but not sure)

I bought this raincoat at a  very reduced price because its belt was missing. 
It didn' t represent a big problem to me since I own many...

I found one in the bottom of my closet which is like the inside part of my bag! 
( it's something that always surprises me when I find the exact thing I need and I didn't remember to have! ) 
What a pity it is not well visible in the photo!

The day before yesterday  we had the perfect weather for wearing a raincoat 


Being a key piece for spring , you can see many on the pages of  magazines.
Do you prefer a classic piece  in a neutral tone or have you got  one in a different and unusual style ? 

Nothing special for me underneath.  I matched black and blue.
Old rules say no to the combination  and many people find it is not a good one, but I like it.
( besides, if Armani uses it so often...why shouldn't I??? )


Blue and yellow necklace


Copper earrings with blue gemstones 

Have you  noticed?  I made a not matching pair this time! 

Why not?  It could become a new trend before long ...
You can never know! 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Casual outfit


What do you mean when think of a casual outfit? 


My idea of casual is a pair of blue jeans ...

I am not very fond  of denim ( on me ) but since my closet is a very democratic place
( probably due to the fact that I am a shopping addict ),   
you can see some denim  in it.

I Blues

Next to  many other pieces  of course !
I matched denim to a white shirt with blue lace details. 
White seems to balance the casual look and make the outfit more my taste ...

 I decided for an extra touch of  white : my white OBag.
With mild temperatures it too terribly needed a spring outfit!  :-)
So I fixed  rope handles and bought a snake printed dress ...

Also my jewelry had light colour tones.


There were a very strong light around and smiling people...

Relaxed look today and not in the mood of hairstyling  ...

...Simple but genius! A  great step ahead for (wo)mankind...

Sunday, 5 March 2017

How to tie a scarf

 I happen to get some inspiring ideas from other blogs about colour combinations 
or how to style clothes 

And so, today I want to share a way to wear a long  scarf
( which a shop assistant  taught  me )

In the case you need an extra idea!

To make it clear I sketched how to tie...

Underneath the scarf ( so expertly tied! ), I wore my last made-by-myself  necklace

Which I prepared out of  spring colours beads.

On Sunday I visited a monastery and shrine  in Pianezza. 
It is not an ancient buildings  but was built  on the ruins of the previous one
which was built in 1647.

I thought the place would have been a good background.
It was a clear day, with mild temperatures. 

And, talking about mild temperatures, 
It's time for socks here ... I have already taken mine out!