Thursday, 16 August 2018

A different kind of holiday!

I spent part of the summer at my second home by the sea 
and then some days at Orta by the beautiful lake.
When we went back home my husband was ready for another time by the sea but I wasn't.
At the end I made up my mind to stay at home 

The fact is that we have recently moved house and I desired enjoying my new flat for a week before going back to work!

What did I do? 

I ate a lot of sushi and watermelon 

Went to the supermarket with  Grillo
(Isn't it cute that they allow him to come in a dedicated cart?)

Had relaxing breaks for a coffee 
( life is so hard, why don't slow down now and then?  )

I red some good novels comfortably sat  on my favourite armchair...

Of course I made a new necklace ...
( Have you ever noticed how long is the day when you are alone?)

Being alone I had plenty of time for everything I like , also for a walk in the city!

It definitely was a different kind of holiday!