Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pulcinella, the Neapolitan coffeepot and my outfit

Happy start of February! Do you celebrate in any way Carnival? I  don't like parades, but found a place just perfect for  the period :

a cafe' with a peculiar exhibition 

  of coffeepots

decorated with the traditional mask of Pulcinella

apart from Pulcinella, there was ... the moka! 
For those of you who don't know, it was the old Neapolitan coffeepot, which you filled with water, put on the fire, then turned it upside down to allow the hot water to drop on the coffee dust and finally you poured the coffee into the cups! 

Luckily not everything is so complicated in life!!

And when temperatures are too low, I always know what to wear: boots, a pair of  trousers

and two  jackets ( or a coat ) ... brrrrr!
I hope  you are having warmer days in your part of the world!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Relaxing post!

Have you ever had  a stressful week in which things  take the wrong way?
I had!

Nothing serious, luckily. But many tiny, annoying  events which made me exclame: " welcome weekend!! "

Everyone is affected by stress, of course, and people just differ in what they trigger it and how they respond.

Well, my way to respond to stress was letting thoughts flow without control while strolling around the park  last Saturday ...

I share these photos and I wish they can have a relaxing effect on those of you who happened to have a busy week!

Have you got  a personal remedy  against stress??

I was wearing my camel wool coat on the dress and jacket. We are having cold days ... low temperatures always stress me!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Along the river ...

A grey cloudy day in the city can be boring and sad

or the perfect day for a walk along the river! 

I am wearing  a blue dress on my yellow cardigan ( a touch of colour was needed in such a dreary day! )

not visible in the photos, my necklace has a small silver pendant in the shape of a  coffee bean ...

... and that reminds me ... there is a lovely cafe' just across the river!

coffee time!! ( unmissable break for me )

A moment of pleasure and the chance to enjoy the sight of canoes gliding on the  river

A last photo 

and then it's time to go back toward the center of the city ...

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I need a sunny place...

Two weeks ago, Sue of A Colourful Canvas, posed with a ( very lovely ) party dress outdoors, last week Greetje of No fear of fashion faced the January's wind to get the photos for her post

So, this week I walked I in search  of a sunny  place to take sharp photos

a warm spot, as I am wearing a silk dress (  above another one )

And ... here it is the place!

An old building recently beatifully restored with a special care to conserve the traces of past times. They are my favourite! I would love having my home in one of these buildings ...

You can never know ... maybe in the future .... Anyway, do you like my green dress? This year I have seen a lot of green clothes in shops here ...

( and in my closet I found a green gemstone necklace )

Liviana Conti

It has a  loose shape ... ( a bit tooo much on me? ) and it's a bit different from those I usually wear ...

A loose, green dress and my dreams! That's all for today, dears ...