Thursday, 29 May 2014

Buttons and more...

Is there anything cute in a pair of ordinary buttons? I don't think So! And I decided they couldn't stay any longer on my new cotton cardigan...

I  just had to choose among the ones of my collection ... ( yes, I like collecting buttons of every kind, as you can see in the selection )

Here there are the  ones which could go nicely! Better, aren't they?

...on my cardigan now! ( I know, I know, you can't see the change...but I like it more ! )

A little moment of rest for you...   :-)

viewing  this nice garden...

and then a look at my today's outfit : it's time for a white dress and my red bag which is purple as I am using it with the inside side out ( it is double-face )

As you can see I am not alone...and mr. Bangio is trying to catch my attention passing again and again while I am taking photos!

Here you can see what he wants! Old dear friend!

 The  last photos... that's all for today, girls!

P.s. my tab will be at the assistance point, so I am not sure I will be able to post next week...    :-(

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Last news...

A sunny day in the city and I noticed a new Liberty house... I like that style, I took some photos...

Max&co. - Alberta Ferretti

it was the perfect day to wear my light blue top and grey pencil skirt

Fratelli Rossetti

it was the perfect day also  to wear my best pumps!

And before leaving...can you remember the scrapbook that I bought last week?

Miu Miu-Hogan

...I have just drawn my first sketch!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Something to do

Is there a Muji  shop where you live?  For those of you who don't know, Muji is a Japanese brand and I first discovered it in London. It has several shops in the biggest cities of Europe ( I don't know if there are shops in the other continents ) and recently opened a two flore store  in  Torino

I like the items they sell because  have a minimalistic style. 

Besides, I needed a new scrapebook for my sketches and they have very plain ones which I love.
After I bought it, I crossed the centre to go to a nice small square

where you can quietly sip one of the best cappuccino of Torino ( I never go home without a cappuccino-break! )

and connect your device to a wifi... the way, have you noticed my pale yellow dress ( Twin-set ) ? As I found it was too short for a lady of about 50, I sewed a a  strip of silk fabric at the botton!  That is what I personalize a dress!!


Thursday, 8 May 2014

About flowers...

When I started blogging, more than a year ago, my idea was to share beauty of little things that often go unnoticed...

Than, my first purpose changed a little, and I am realizing that, all my posts are recently been dedicated to my outfits...

Today I want to share the beauty of flowers and plants in a city!

And flowers on clothes...

Isn't this Dolce and Gabbana bathing suit delightful?
I love its elegant say nothing of the lovable bag!!

But, what about me today? 
Well, last week I bought a pair of vintage earring in a flea market...
They have the shape of beautiful white flowers ( are they supposed to be roses?)

I find them sooo nice!
I hope you like this post. It's very me!