Friday, 29 June 2018


Hello everybody!
I have just taken some photos in the courtyard of the building where I live now

A place with old columns

And a water well not in use anymore...

Being built in the old times it's a fresh place in hot days! 

 Did I say hot days ?
Nothing it's better than a cotton , loose, sleeveless top...

...and flat, fabric shoes!

An old Furla bag which always matches nicely...

And I am ready for a day out! 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Summer time at last!

It was years since we had a Spring as rainy as this year's!
But hot weather has arrived at last and on Sunday I made up my mind for a visit to a flea market...

In a delightful small country near Turin.

The weather was perfect for my new sleeveless cotton top with ruffles 

And the comfortable sandals that I bought last year...

When I arrived I was quite disappointed in seeing that the flea market had been posponed!

Never mind.
 I thought that with such a beautiful day it would have been nice a tour in the tiny country

Where I discovered a stunningly decorated church 
( from 1756 )

Almost Summer at last ...

Sunday, 3 June 2018


A day in the city on Saturday

For a delicious frozen yogurt in the very centre of Turin 

The idea today was: maxi! 
In fact I am wearing my maxi silver earrings recently bought...they are as light as  feathers! 

And a maxi length skirt in jersey fabric 
( which means  an extra comfort! )

The shop windows are full of inviting clothings, but I don't want to spend money today 
as, for tomorrow...

I planned a visit to Serravalle!!
( maxi outlet village )

Are you ready for a maxi-walk???