Monday, 30 December 2019

My sneakers and a fantastic exhibition...

HI!What about a new post from my part of the world?

The Christmas holidays at last have arrived !!  And that  means a lot of spare time for everything I love ( including posting)
As I like art, the holidays also offer the opportunity to enjoy some interesting exhibitions...and Turin helds a very special one at present ...

                                               Portait of Carlo de' Medici 1466

dedicated to Andrea Mantegna ( one of the most important Italian Renaissance artists ) who painted such perfect masterpieces!

And so...there I went, wearing my new sneakers and a pair  of red trousers!
( Christmas presents, you know ).

In the monumental  building that held the exhibition, there was a very nice cafeteria,

 Before going out, I made up my mind for a cappuccino comfortably sitting after a two-hour visit through the halls ( Those who know me  know that I can hardly say no to a good cappuccino! )

I spent a nice afternoon and the  walking wasn't a problem at all:I was not in high heels yesterday!! ( But of course I also have fantastic high heels recently bought in the wardrobe )

                                         P.s. a very Happy New Year to all of you!!