Sunday, 2 September 2018

Sweet pepper Festival!

 When the holidays are over and you are about to start working again you probably are not in your best mood, right?
What to do then to improve it?

Well, in my opinion a new pair of shoes can always help to cross the blues

As well as  a visit to a nearby city for the Pepper Festival ..
So, off we went! 

In the city  there was also an exhibition of old cars
( here I posed next to a "Topolino" Fiat car which I think is so cute!)

Being the surroundings known for the quality  peppers which are there cultivated, cars had been decorated with the vegetables )

And shop windows too.

There was  an open air market with regional products where I bought canape bread, some bakery goods, a pistachio sauche for dressing pasta, and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Rieti.
Of course I couldn't miss to buy some peppers too!

Oh, yes! I think there will probably  be some cooking in my future ...