Tuesday 25 February 2014

Outdoors again!

I had to take photos inside too often recently for the bad weather or low temperatures

so I am glad to be in the open air again today!

Les copains-Max Mara group

The winter sales have brought into my closet this blouse ( they always bring something! ) which has a spring colour


and I have matched it with one purple necklace (any value but nice!)


and my red bag ... 

At first, I wasn't sure it was a good combination of colours, perhaps because pink and red aren't so often put together, but yes, it is o.k. ...


and finally, I have chosen a pair of very confortable shoes ( block heel  for me is the best! )  and tick thights ( for it is still chilly here in the early  morning!! )

I wish you are enjoying  high temperatures too ... wherever you are !!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Sunday morning

During the week I haven't much time to style my hair ( it's always toooooo late, ) as I would like, 

but on Sunday I try ... to have an accurate look!

That sometimes turns out to be a quite hard job as the hair goes just where it pleases!! ( often two waves which I don't like )...never mind!

Last week I planned to go out and have a nice morning in the city.
For the occasion  I wore one of my favourite cardigans...( isnt it cute with all those  fabric "flowers" sewed on ? )

and took a small purse ( I know, I know, you have already seen it! )

The idea was to see the National Cinema Museum

which is situated into the Mole Antonelliana ( symbol of the city of Torino )

But, before going out, I decided to style my hair in a little different way...but I am not sure it is any better now!

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Resting in the sitting room

 I am just back from work, and I am going to enjoy a quiet afternoon at home

I will sit on my sofa and switch on the tv ( always have a look at catwalks ), my pc (to surf on the net ) and my tab ( to hear if a comment arrives!)

Now I have my first problem to solve...The colour of my pants isn't red, neither pink or orange...
How do you call it in English? In Italian we say malva colour...

...in any case, I find it delightful! It goes welll with blue,

but also with creamy hues.

I wanted to match it with a similar shade necklace...so, here it is! Made last week!
My earrings aren't the same colour, but I love them because
I bought  in my honeymoon in Paris about 27 years ago ( how time flies!! ) and have recently found them back in a drawer!

I started the post saying that I was going to spend a relaxing afternoon at home

and, ad far as I can see, 

another guy has  just had the same idea... ( don't worry, old Bangio is o.k. he is just planning something very important to do tomorrow! )

Monday 3 February 2014


 A winter, cloudy day, and I need some colours to bright up my morning. Luckily, sales have recently brought into my closet a cardigan ( Max Mara ),  yellow, this time, and a pair of slim fitted pants ( Max Mara ). Did I need them?

the answer for me is YES. ( If it makes feel me good and helps economy... why not?! )

In any case, nothing new over here! 

This is the cafe' where I have just taken my photos, in the quiet room upstairs

which overlooks the city. Everything looks so gray outside...

...but I need just two spare hours to have a quick look around...

...and think I made an unmissable bargain!!