Sunday, 27 November 2016

Like a copycat

There is a joke about being a copycat between my friend Greetje of No Fear of Fashion and me

When she gets inspired to one of my outfit she calls herself a copycat, 
but I think that we inspire each other ...
In any case today the copycat it's me!

What do I mean? 
Look at my skirt ... many of you saw the same on her!
She bought her skirt last year in Turin . I bought mine last week.
But,  can a sensible woman resist to buy an extraordinary beautiful item at an extraordinary reduced price ?
That woman  hasn't got my name! 

The skirt is by  Max Mara  and has a delicate cream colour which I matched to a burgundy long  blouse underneath a bi-colour viscose sweater ( plus one of my bags in a similar tone )

While I was shooting the other day after a whole week of rain 

Something attracted my attention ...

A drone was flying right above me and a man looked very concentrated in driving it here and there , up and down . 
I thought that men are funny guys!  
And find peculiar ways to enjoy a Sunday morning ...

... of course he probably thought the same of me, while I was trying to get good photos of my skirt!

Do you happen to be inspired by someone you know ? 


Sunday, 13 November 2016


Has the trend already caught you ? 

I mean...have you bought at least a pair of cropped trousers recently ?
This year they seem to be everywhere here ! 

I gave it a try .... it's something new to me . 


While I was in the fitting room of the shop, ( the assistant gave me so many clothes to try!! ) my husband bought the bag ... he acted smartly and I didn't notice until later in the street! 

The fact doubled my joy! 

It was a very lovely day!
( unfortunately a bad cold with some fever was around the corner and I missed last week's post )

Next week, darlings ....

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Do you remember?

Probably you don' t  remember ,  but I already posted the skirt  in Summer . 
It's one of those pieces that you can wear all the year round  ( definitely my favourite !  )

Of course  I matched  it to a completely different top ...

And also took out of my closet a warm coat ! 

With my friend

I am ready to enjoy my day off in the centre of Turin

( gemstones from my  F/ W collection )

Oh, dear !  Am I going to do some extra shopping ???