Friday, 28 March 2014



After a quite warm winter and  no snow at all, we are now having very nice sunny days ( a spring time which isn't so common in the North West of Italy  )

The weather encourages to wear light weight clothes, and soft colours...


and makes me feel a special joy...( the same probably feels a lizard just waked up, which enjoys its staying under the sun )

The breeze and a stronger light : that's spring!


But, as this is also the season of changings of weather,

for me the best outfit is made of layers ( and that means a cardigan, a shirt and a skirt ).

A bad side of spring? ... The strong light is probably the reason why my photos aren't of a too high quality! I am not used to such a strong light yet!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My essential piece for spring...

If there is an essential piece, which can't miss in my spring closet, for me it is a light woolen scarf, which I use very often, to keep my neck warm...( still chilly in the morning here!)

My husband last week bought this one for me at the Armani Outlet Store. My neck is save!
This post is a  sort of tutorial for those of you who want to make themselves a similar one...

You need a very thin fabric ( 83%wool, 17%silk ) of about 300cm.x100cm.,

and about 300 small tassels (  about 104 on each long  side and 46 on each short one )

Sew the tassels and the scarf is ready! Now you have to decide how  prefer wearing it... this is my way when I want to keep my shoulders warm,

just my neck,

or , in the case of a sudden wind...also my head!     ;-)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Me and my Bagghy!

I still can't believe it! I ' ve been looking for a discounted Bagghy bag for weeks and, last Saturday, I saw this baby in a shop window at a half of its price! Magic of winter sales!

You know, I didn't need an extra bag, but look at me...can't you see a special light on my face?
In any case I couldn't miss such an occasion...

I don't know if there is something wrong in me, but I've always been attracted by a well made bag, and I can still remember when, as a child, I looked at my grandma ones and how curious I was to know about their content...

...I use three envelopes to keep money, documents, lipstick and other stuff. This way I can quickly change bags  in the morning to match my outfit...
( please note the tiny mirror attaches to my bunch of keys and an even more tiny silver bag to the key of my car! )
then, I never forget a very light weight wollen scarf...just in case ...

Here, the bag on my left arm,

and on the right one...    :-)

Have you ever had the feeling that  an item was just waiting for you in a shop window?  ( I definitely had!! )

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A silk scarf


A silk scarf! That is  the sign that ( for me ) spring is arrived! I have stored the winter wool ones and do hope I won't have to take them back until next year!


And, talking about accessories, I have just taken out of my closet a pair of light weight socks. 


... my cream colour bag ...

Calvin klein-dan-Max Mara

...sunglasses, a light blue necklace (I have made it to match my outfit), and a pastel colour jacket...

Ready to be photographed!

I always feel a little anxious in front of the camera...

...also because my husband , who sometimes snaps for the blog, has the habit to take extra photos when I don't see ( which I regularly delete ). I always say that a lady can be photographed by surprise, just until midday...

...when the make up is still O.K.!! 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Walking around the city...

I have had two days off this week and I took the occasion to go to Torino for some errands to run...

and I snapped a few photos: carnival masks... old chemist's I have seen...

...and one of those charming , traditionals cafes very common in Torino...

With mirrors and wooden furniture

I was wearing a bracelet I had just made

with three different kind of  stones

I like it!

And just outside the cafe, there where these mimosa plants, which are just perfect to wish you a nice woman's day!