Sunday, 12 April 2015

What can two friends share?

SHARE the first word which comes to my  mind

When I think about the four days I have just spent with Greetje
( of No Fear of Fashion )
who came to Turin 

We shared the sun and pleasant Spring in the city, eating in  the open air 

We chatted sharing thoughts and feelings.

Of course we also had  nice days of  shopping together!!

We found and tried  dresses, and shared our passion for fashion.

We  laughted and had fun, as only old friends can do!

( This post is dedicated to her... )

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


It has been a fortnight full of emotions for me, and they haven't  always been pleasant ones...

As many of you remember I have sold the flat were I live 

but now, at last, I have found one with the sight over the old roofs that I was looking for ...

And, do you know what does follow a dream mean??
A lot of extra work and worries!!
By the way, have you noticed what I have in my left hand?

I have made up my mind and bought a pair of short sight glasses!

Here it is on me :

now I can catch all the beauty around  and, I feel ... I am ready for new emotions!!