Sunday, 17 June 2018

Summer time at last!

It was years since we had a Spring as rainy as this year's!
But hot weather has arrived at last and on Sunday I made up my mind for a visit to a flea market...

In a delightful small country near Turin.

The weather was perfect for my new sleeveless cotton top with ruffles 

And the comfortable sandals that I bought last year...

When I arrived I was quite disappointed in seeing that the flea market had been posponed!

Never mind.
 I thought that with such a beautiful day it would have been nice a tour in the tiny country

Where I discovered a stunningly decorated church 
( from 1756 )

Almost Summer at last ...

Sunday, 3 June 2018


A day in the city on Saturday

For a delicious frozen yogurt in the very centre of Turin 

The idea today was: maxi! 
In fact I am wearing my maxi silver earrings recently bought...they are as light as  feathers! 

And a maxi length skirt in jersey fabric 
( which means  an extra comfort! )

The shop windows are full of inviting clothings, but I don't want to spend money today 
as, for tomorrow...

I planned a visit to Serravalle!!
( maxi outlet village )

Are you ready for a maxi-walk???

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Friday morning

 Why I said Friday if today is Monday?  The answer is very simple: as many people I definitely prefer Friday ! It's one of those days that makes me feel  positive,  and last week was not an exception...

The sun was shining on the old roofs

I was wearing a new bracelet
( they told me it is a real leaf )

And my old pumps 
( good items live soooo long )

And I was ready for a walk on cobblestones!

I don't know if you ever experienced that , but in my opinion is one of the most difficult tasks a lady has to face! 
You know,  the heels always get blocked into  the slot between stones ...

But of course being Friday nothing could ruin my positive mood 

Nor the fact that I realized there was an extra job for my cobbler! 

Never mind ... it was Friday! 
( but the day flied away in a flash )

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Many friends ...

Once more I said to myself that the blogosphere is at least as real as real life
A place where people meet each other, feel ( a positive ) interess in other people's lives and finally many of them become friends. 
Once more I said to myself that I should find some time for blogging

But I have to confess that last week I faced some technical  problems 
As the quality of my photos

As you can see I also tried to solve the problem changing perspective 

It turned out to be a quite silly idea with very little improving!

Never mind,  I said to myself that it would have added a sort of of real-life touch to the post
( it was a lie! I simply couldn't take good photos!! )

Wait a moment ... the end I made up my mind to go next to the front door where I took a sharp photo.

By the way, I also had a second problem:
On last week post I wasn't able to reply to your comments through my tab...sorry!

Monday, 16 April 2018


It's been a long time since I last posted, hasn't it? 

Why I didn't I considered a final goodbye post? The answer is very simple:I never thought to give up blogging and I always said to myself:tomorrow I will take some photos 
But tomorrow never came...

In the meantime days passed quickly 

Blogging was becoming a full-time job and it hadn't been my initial goal 
Now I am looking for a way to put together my real life and my blog. 
Will I succeed?
I am not sure 

But I miss chatting with my beloved friends around the world 

What about the tomorrow? 
You can never know...

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

End of August in Perinaldo

We are almost at the end of August : I must pile up as much beauty as I can.

Fill my eyes with memories

and my heart with emotions.

I will bring them back in mind little by little during the winter

And they will warm me long.

Today I am visiting the little village of Perinaldo
( Liguria region )

It's one of those tousands villages which  show the true soul of my country.

Away from the  famous touristic resorts there are no big hotels but stone houses

Frescoes in the alleys 

And the voice of old fountains ...

Look at my back : the sea is shining!
Tomorrow a whole day on the beach ...

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Steet style

Today is the 15th of August which is a national holiday here.
I  celebrate it with a different post about street style on holiday.
Most of the ladies I took photos of are over 40 years old

This one is wearing a lace dress and has a scarf in her hair.
She is back from the supermarket, but doesn't  give up being stylish! 

( she is also on high, golden-coloured sandals )

A young lady with a gorgeous dress

Nice blue  dress with a big neckline  for a walk with husband

Mini dress for the beach

Elegant  neutral colour for cocktail time

I always like when ladies dress up! 

Who is my favourite? The lady above, very elegant while  chatting on the net!

Have a wonderful day ...