Sunday, 2 September 2018

Sweet pepper Festival!

 When the holidays are over and you are about to start working again you probably are not in your best mood, right?
What to do then to improve it?

Well, in my opinion a new pair of shoes can always help to cross the blues

As well as  a visit to a nearby city for the Pepper Festival ..
So, off we went! 

In the city  there was also an exhibition of old cars
( here I posed next to a "Topolino" Fiat car which I think is so cute!)

Being the surroundings known for the quality  peppers which are there cultivated, cars had been decorated with the vegetables )

And shop windows too.

There was  an open air market with regional products where I bought canape bread, some bakery goods, a pistachio sauche for dressing pasta, and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Rieti.
Of course I couldn't miss to buy some peppers too!

Oh, yes! I think there will probably  be some cooking in my future ...

Thursday, 16 August 2018

A different kind of holiday!

I spent part of the summer at my second home by the sea 
and then some days at Orta by the beautiful lake.
When we went back home my husband was ready for another time by the sea but I wasn't.
At the end I made up my mind to stay at home 

The fact is that we have recently moved house and I desired enjoying my new flat for a week before going back to work!

What did I do? 

I ate a lot of sushi and watermelon 

Went to the supermarket with  Grillo
(Isn't it cute that they allow him to come in a dedicated cart?)

Had relaxing breaks for a coffee 
( life is so hard, why don't slow down now and then?  )

I red some good novels comfortably sat  on my favourite armchair...

Of course I made a new necklace ...
( Have you ever noticed how long is the day when you are alone?)

Being alone I had plenty of time for everything I like , also for a walk in the city!

It definitely was a different kind of holiday! 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

About last week

Last week I decided for some days next to Orta lake 

I posted from there already last year, so you can recognize the place 

It's a charming touristic resort that I love 

For the beauty of nature around and quietness 

The light there is of a extraordinary sharpness

That allow you to take good quality photos too !!

This time I brought my old parents with me
as I wanted to thank them for always giving me a happy life

And giving them some joy back.

We had nice days ...

Monday, 9 July 2018

In my luggage ( and about sales )

What are your best picks for feeling confident on holidays?
Midi skirts this summer for me .
In my luggage I put three of different colours...

My favourite is the linen one that I am wearing today...

I also packed what I consider an unmissable bargain :
 these Maliparmi flats which are embroidered with beads! 
The end of the season sales often offer treasures at an affordable price...
did you catch anything special ?

Basic colours which are easy to match 

And perfect whereever you decide to go.

At the end I forgot to add some jewels into my luggage

So had to buy a brooch to complete the look...

...Never been too good at packing up!!!

Friday, 29 June 2018


Hello everybody!
I have just taken some photos in the courtyard of the building where I live now

A place with old columns

And a water well not in use anymore...

Being built in the old times it's a fresh place in hot days! 

 Did I say hot days ?
Nothing it's better than a cotton , loose, sleeveless top...

...and flat, fabric shoes!

An old Furla bag which always matches nicely...

And I am ready for a day out! 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Summer time at last!

It was years since we had a Spring as rainy as this year's!
But hot weather has arrived at last and on Sunday I made up my mind for a visit to a flea market...

In a delightful small country near Turin.

The weather was perfect for my new sleeveless cotton top with ruffles 

And the comfortable sandals that I bought last year...

When I arrived I was quite disappointed in seeing that the flea market had been posponed!

Never mind.
 I thought that with such a beautiful day it would have been nice a tour in the tiny country

Where I discovered a stunningly decorated church 
( from 1756 )

Almost Summer at last ...