Thursday 12 March 2020


This photo has became  very popular in Italy.

It has been taken by a doctor who works in a hospital in Cremona.

The lady you see sleeping on a desk next to a computer is a nurse still wearing an antivirus mask.

She is exausted for overworking trying to save people.

To her and all those who are helping to get out of this nightmare 

I want to say


Wednesday 12 February 2020


Some photos left from a recent journey and  a bad flu that forced me at home for a while have been the perfect ingredients for a new post

( I never lost my love for blogging )

Have you ever heard of Parma?
Is a very nice town, rich in history and masterpieces which deserve to be visited 

It is fairly impossible to eat bad there and Parma's most popular gastronomic products are  Prosciutto di Parma
 and the Parmigiano-Reggiano 

Even if I am not very interested in food, 
I spent some days there in January when I always am in the habit to celebrate a sort of s.Valentine's day in advance. 

(My two necklaces)

There was so much beauty around  and I want to share something I saw looking up

The Duomo. 
(The paintings on the side walls have been done between 1300 and 1400 )

The beautiful Palatina library 

I spent a perfect time there.

By the way...

...Have a fantastic s.Valentine's day!!

(I have already celebrate mine!)

Monday 30 December 2019

My sneakers and a fantastic exhibition...

HI!What about a new post from my part of the world?

The Christmas holidays at last have arrived !!  And that  means a lot of spare time for everything I love ( including posting)
As I like art, the holidays also offer the opportunity to enjoy some interesting exhibitions...and Turin helds a very special one at present ...

                                               Portait of Carlo de' Medici 1466

dedicated to Andrea Mantegna ( one of the most important Italian Renaissance artists ) who painted such perfect masterpieces!

And so...there I went, wearing my new sneakers and a pair  of red trousers!
( Christmas presents, you know ).

In the monumental  building that held the exhibition, there was a very nice cafeteria,

 Before going out, I made up my mind for a cappuccino comfortably sitting after a two-hour visit through the halls ( Those who know me  know that I can hardly say no to a good cappuccino! )

I spent a nice afternoon and the  walking wasn't a problem at all:I was not in high heels yesterday!! ( But of course I also have fantastic high heels recently bought in the wardrobe )

                                         P.s. a very Happy New Year to all of you!!     

Tuesday 8 January 2019

This is what happened in Cremona

Ever been to Cremona? Neither did I until we decided to choose the city
 for our usually journey after Christmas

About 70.000 inhabitants, in the North of Italy, less than 3 hours by car from where I live
Ancient buildings of extraordinary beauty 

Which tell the story of my country.

It was the first going-out for my new Obag!
( with fake fur of course)

The wether was very cold indeed with temperatures around the 0°C for all the day 

There were some fog too.

Luckily we had  many places which inside were wort  visiting 

Among them many churches that  in Italy really are like museums, with masterpieces of great value!

It was only on the last day of our staying when we (at last) saw the sun again...
So ... I took my coat off!!

( but I wasn't brave enough to take off the  sleeveless puffet I was wearing underneath )

Hope you had a warmer weather...

Monday 24 December 2018

Christmas is Magic

And so here came Christmas  again

A magic time when  my city  puts on its most sparkling dress

And also my favourite pastry looks very different!

At home the sitting room has been decorated ...

... And  presents took place on the settle chest, waiting  tomorrow ...

But before tomorrow comes 
 I  do wish all of my dear friends 
 a Very Merry Christmas !

Tuesday 9 October 2018

The Man in The Iron Mask

With Autumn, the  celebrations for the Man in The Iron Mask are back And I was ready to enjoy the days!
Mild temperatures allowed to still wear  t-shirts.

On Sunday I found a good place in the square to see the entrance of the main character. 
(According to the tradition he was Luis XIV secret twin who had been prisoned in Savoy )

Well, as I said I was wearing a t-shirt, but  my outfit needed something sparkling for the occasion
( hence, I matched the top to a midi skirt with decorations )

After all, there were the most beautiful dames in their gorgeous period costumes around!!

I made a pair of earrings with beads in a pale shade of light blue and filigrane 

Which would have been nice with one of  these berets and the lady's costume! 

I was wearing a very festive pair of shoes
( they are from soft velvet for extra comfort )

The show went on with extra  characters  telling the whole story for two days

In the afternoon I put on a jacket with funny  (fake) hairy pockets
Which probably I already posted somewhere last year

I wanted to stay until late ( when the release of the mysterious prisoner was scheduled )
and it was becoming chilly

The story inspired the movie The Man in the Iron Mask  a 1998 American action drama film directed, produced, and written by Randall Wallace, and starring Leonardo DiCaprio .

At the end of the day I said  bye bye to the Three  Musketeers ...  until next year! 

Sunday 2 September 2018

Sweet pepper Festival!

 When the holidays are over and you are about to start working again you probably are not in your best mood, right?
What to do then to improve it?

Well, in my opinion a new pair of shoes can always help to cross the blues

As well as  a visit to a nearby city for the Pepper Festival ..
So, off we went! 

In the city  there was also an exhibition of old cars
( here I posed next to a "Topolino" Fiat car which I think is so cute!)

Being the surroundings known for the quality  peppers which are there cultivated, cars had been decorated with the vegetables )

And shop windows too.

There was  an open air market with regional products where I bought canape bread, some bakery goods, a pistachio sauche for dressing pasta, and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Rieti.
Of course I couldn't miss to buy some peppers too!

Oh, yes! I think there will probably  be some cooking in my future ...