Tuesday 28 May 2013


Today I am going to tell you about pants and me : we don't have a  serene relationship anymore...I used to wear pants quite often once...then something has broken between us and I think years have past since I worn them last time.

 Here I am...

 ... today it is rainy here ( again! ) and temperatures are getting lower, so when I took a look in my  wardrobe this morning I really didn't know what to wear!!

A more reason was I didn't want to wear tights ( which I find very unconfortable! ),

So there was just one thing left to do, and I did...

I took a pair of cigarette pants and my new necklace ( which I have already shown  )...but I am not at all sure I will stay the whole day this way!!
I will let you know...

Thursday 23 May 2013

Do you like pink?

I am not sure I  like pink . Of course it is a great colour for flowers, and roses are wonderful in pink...

...of course flat shoes are lovable if pink, and they look like graceful ballet slippers.


Also in sketches that colour looks pretty cute


however, in real life I  find a total pink  look is a little too much candy...

...well,let me think ... I should have my wedding, pink skirt and jacket somewhere...
 ( can you guess who is the black spot on the right? ) .  


Now I would wear just one pink thing at a time...unless pink consists of a gorgeous handbag with similar purse in that!!

Sunday 19 May 2013

Change of plans

The idea  was to go out and visit the photographic exhibition in Palazzo Madama which had just opened,

but mr. Bangio didn't think the same way, and he was waiting to be called for his little Sunday walk with us. So we didn't have the courage to say no to him and changed plans...

...first we visited the Roman ruins, which looked like Bangio  enjoyed very much,

Then we went to Palazzo Reale, which was the residence of kings

 and finally we had a break in its ancient cafè.

But next time you will remain at home, okay?

Thursday 16 May 2013

British style with hat


Borsalino is a traditional Italian brand of hats. A couple of years ago they made a wonderful collection for Max  Mara.
I love hats as they give a special elegance to an outfit...

...buyng a hat isn't an easy task and I have probably  to try several on before choosing...for this one has been a funny affair as my sister and I started laughing  and at the end left  the shop with a hat each one.  

This Borsalino is a winter wool hat but I find it is not bad in spring wih a raincoat.
I bought my coat many years ago in London but it is still perfect and to add an extra English touch I wear it with another English item...


...this huge  checked bag... that I bought with the raincoat in London.

Unfortunately bad weather is back here ( it is rainy and cold ) , but, just to see the best side of that ...it allow me to wear my hat!

And here I am, dreaming about sunshine !!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Sunday morning


I had a hard week at work and today we couldn't go to the sea, so  decided to spend the morning in the city...

As the day was sunny and warm we have been walking for a while...

...and finally, the thirsty Bangio has had fresh water from the hands of my beloved husband and then a little rest.


Time for a little rest for my feet too!  (Today I have worn my favourite sandals )

I wish a peaceful Sunday morning  ...

Thursday 9 May 2013

About blue


 Blue is a beautiful colour. Someone says that it is mostly suited to Spring.
Armani's blue is very special.


Some days ago I have seen this dress...


...that inspired my sketch! 

In my wardrobe there is some blue for each season and I wear it all the year round.


Today I have a pair of  confortable shoes ( block heel, as usual! )...but probably you have already seen them...

MAX MARA group

...a small cotton jacket...


...and a blue and white light dress. I do like blue because it isn't too dark!

Monday 6 May 2013

Welcome to paradise


When I need some rest there is a place I go to: it is a tiny village of medieval origins in the hills of Liguria next to the French border. 
 Airole is surrounded by olive trees and grapevines, beautiful woods and a  river flowing nearby.

There are also lemon trees,

prickly pears

and beautiful roses...when I arrives there, I first smell the scent of plants,

then I walk in the narrow alleys...

...leading to the small square 

Airole is a quiet, little paradise!

Thursday 2 May 2013

More light blue

As I said in my last post I like light blue. This dress is one of my husband's many gifts.
When He bought it last year, we where together  on holidays.

When I want to exagerate with light blue I add this old Furla bag.

I generally prefer to wear dresses than skirts: no belt make them  more confortable! This dress has a faux white belt and pockets. I am ready to go on holidays!

In my dress I would be perfect in a kitchen like this one ...

...or in this light blue bedroom!