Friday 30 August 2013

End of August

I don't know if the same happens to you, but I am always a bit melancholic at the end of August

Things I have seen  so many times seem different

and I don't feel anymore that sort of joy and lightness I used to feel in Spring.

The light and the heat are slowly changing...


A new pair of sandals ( it was a real bargain, and I have completely ruined my old ones! ) can't solve, but probably  helps my mood

( better this way )

 a blue dress with a flat bow, that I only wear when I am on holiday

my white Furla bag which you already know... dear friends, I have the feeling that this summer is passing too fast...

Friday 23 August 2013

Something new under the sun...

This is a delightful, peaceful place  where to have a little rest reading a novel...I really love it!

But it is also a perfect location to show you my new Furla bag!!

And an even more perfect place to show how I am after going to the hairdresser! ( enough was enough )

Yes, I know, it will be quite hard for me to comb my hair by  myself this way...

so, it's better to have some more I am wearing an old dress of mine ( Max & co. ), which Istill like very much.

My new bag looks nice with it...

 and my sandals ( Sax ) are confortable.

Sunglasses, earrings, everything is all right!!

Thursday 15 August 2013

Online shopping...

One of my favourite online shops is since they have a huge range of fashion items. In these days their sales are about 70% off , so I couldn't resist to a new  temptation...

I had this dress ( Moschino ) in my drembox for a while, while I was waiting it had an affordable price,

at last, the moment arrived, and a few days ago I made up my mind and bought it!

Yoox has a very efficent delivery service and the dress took just two days to arrive...

It is my second Moschino dress ( what a quality! ) and perhaps my first green one. I must say that I had never considered green a nice colour for me, until I "met" Greetje of No Fear of Fashion.

In her posts I have seen very nice outfits in this colour

and I have started loving it!

Today I have matched a  necklace I recently  made myself,

It  has two different kind of stones. The small ones are coral. I find the necklace goes well with my coral earrings

And, finally ... have you noticed that today my photos are larger than usual ? Well, I want to dedicate my post to a dear blogger friend : Josep Marìa of Sense corbata/No tie.
He is a very nice person and I love his comments....even when he says that my photos are a bit too small !

Friday 9 August 2013

Summer cars

I want to start my today post with something I have seen in a street : don't you find that this old Fiat 500 is very cute? It's just what I would like to drive!
I couldn't resist to take a photo...

Something else I couldn't avoid to click is the pink dress I have noticed in a window shop. Unfortunately a bit too expensive for me!

I am wearing a lavender colour dress which I bought in the summer bargains  ( Diana Gallesi ). It is a little too loose for me but for that reason is very confortable! The bag is the one  I have shared in a previous post ( Malìparmi )

Today I have my Sicilian earrings and a giada bracelet on.

In the afternoon, when it is too hot to do anything else,

I spend some time blogging ( when the wi fi happens to work!! )

OOps! This is a little break to enjoy  my daily cappuccino...

And to end my post with another  summer car : it was parked in front of a hotel and I think they use it to drive tourists and their luggage to the station. I find it funny! Isn't it?

Friday 2 August 2013

Ponytail and... a lot to do!

I have always admired those women who can keep their hair in order when they are at the seaside...I simply can't!

And so, sooner or later, for me comes the time to tie it back in a ponytail. That is the last thing I can do in order to keep it under control!

I am wearing a cotton dress which is a very pale shade of green and has a floral pattern.

The flowers are not printed and looking at the inside of my dress you can see the different colours of threads( Laviniaturra ).

I wear it with my coral-paste earrings, a carnelian  and bamboo-coral necklace,

which you can  better see in this photo with an etnic coral and silver ring. As usual, I made the necklace myself.

With my hair tied, and my jewelry on, I spend my  afternoons  in the old village of Airole ( which is only ten km. from the sea )

 where Mr. Bangio enjoys the  breeze in the old alleys, and spends his time sniffing here and there...

 I like  the silence ( but cicadas make a lot of noise! )

and the old houses,

I like the hot sun among the lemon trees...

I love to spend quiet days in the Mediterranean atmoshere, and to find beads to make necklaces.
And, as you can see ... I have a lot of work to do!! ( and I will show you the results... )