Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blue and white

Blue and white is a very classic combination

And today is my day for it!

As in Turin there is an interesting initiative in these days

to open private, beautiful courtyards  to public visits

  I couldn't miss the chance to share!

My today's outfit is not especially creative, but seems to work for the occasion.
 I am wearing these trousers ( Marella ) very often and are my favourite at the moment.   Greetje ( of No Fear of Fashion ) tried them in a shop when  was inTurin last time, but at the end she decided  to buy another pair...

On the contrary, I fell in love with the trousers and, after a week...well, I am sure that you can guess how the story ended!!

A wonderful week dears!

Saturday, 19 September 2015


It was  sunny  the other day and I decided for a green skirt and shirt 

as you see I  trimmed my hair recently

And made a new necklace for my outfit

So I was in the prefect mood for a special gift to myself

What's better That an ice-cream at Ugolini?
It's  the very best!!


And you can mix  the tastes as you like ...
it was my way to say goodbye to Summer!

While I was eating my delicious ice-cream I read their motto and said to myself : yes,next Autumn feel free to create ...

... A new, special look everyday!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Front doors

Hello! Those of you who regularly follow my blog know that I have a fancy for architectural elements of cities such as balconies, buildings, courtyards and so on ...

Now,  I want to share ... front doors!

In Turin there are many of a special, classic beauty.

Today, with my animal print bag, wide light colour skirt

and blue floral blouse I cross the city with my tab-camera

taking photos of my favourites!

Temperatures are slowly decreasing here, and I also have a cotton jacket with me, which adds some extra flowers to my outfit ...

At last, I welcome the incoming season!