Friday, 15 March 2013

Sunny day


Today it's sunny and temperatures are rising here. This require a change in my wardarobe.

I now, I now, rain and cold will probably come back but now I feel ready for some change!
So, let's start storing my heavy coat!
I'm always been a check lover and I find it perfect for every day life.


Today I wear this dress, with a cardigan of course!


I love floral earrings. These are a new pair I have  recently bought.
The necklace is peculiar: if you slide the pendant can use the gloss there is inside...


...and finally my old ( and a little dirty ) white bag.
Now I am ready for a new day at work!


  1. When you left a comment on my blog, I had a look around yours as well. You are my kind of woman: Max and Co (discovered them in Milan and immediately bought a few things), Furla bag (check! I have two of them). And you live in Torino... I was there three years ago, such a pretty town. Unfortunately it was raining.
    And yes, isn't it difficult to keep a white bag, clean, nice and white? I use shoe shampoo.

    1. Great! It seems we have something in common!Perhaps that is the reason why I love your style!! Thanks very much for the advice ( how to clean my white bag).