Thursday, 9 May 2013

About blue


 Blue is a beautiful colour. Someone says that it is mostly suited to Spring.
Armani's blue is very special.


Some days ago I have seen this dress...


...that inspired my sketch! 

In my wardrobe there is some blue for each season and I wear it all the year round.


Today I have a pair of  confortable shoes ( block heel, as usual! )...but probably you have already seen them...

MAX MARA group

...a small cotton jacket...


...and a blue and white light dress. I do like blue because it isn't too dark!


  1. I like your look, the outfit with the jacket and the dress is gorgeous. I love the dress, its pattern, its design and how good you feel. Very attractive.

    1. I am glad you like...( because I have to confess that it took me longer than usual to snap the photos! )

  2. I think it's wonderful that you are always "dressed"..You look very elegant..

  3. Thanks Missy, I find it relaxing to read fashion magazines, and probably they inspire my way of dressing...

  4. I'm a fan of blue also. Dan you really have the best taste! Your outfit and shoes are gorgeous plus the Prada dress is outstanding. Your drawings are delightful and add a personal touch.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. ...what a beautiful comment, Ann!Thanks.
      To draw is a fun pastime that I join to my passion for fashion!

  5. Very nice! I am loving the Armani items, gorgeous.

    1. Hi Flo,in my wish list there are so many Armani items...

  6. Blue is a perfect color and supports many combinations.
    I also use it a lot and throughout the year.
    I like your drawing and your llok.
    A thousand kisses

  7. yes, what I like most of blue is how it can make you look either elegant or sporty...

  8. I love Armani too, but so expensive.. sigh.
    You look so elegant in your dress and jacket. What a pretty pair. Would not mind owning that myself.
    What do you mean by Max Mara Group? Do you work there? Is the jacket of Max Mara? And why do you sketch? Are you a designer?
    You don't have to answer these questions if you don't want to. You just made me curious.

  9. Hi,Hi! I am a curious person ( curious of the world around me, in the positive meaning of the term )and I am happy to answer ... well, I am not a designer, I just sketch for fun, in fact I am a.....(suspence) teacher in primary school!
    I am very fond of fashion and I often buy clothes in an outlet in Torino where they sell Max Mara group items of past seasons ( and that means: Max Mara, Marella, Weekend, Max&co.,Pennyblack...).
    As they sometimes remove the labels I am not sure about which one is ...
    I hope that my English has been good enough to let you understand my answer! (I know, I know, I have to brush it up...)

    1. Don't you worry.... I understood every word. I wish I had such an outlet near Amsterdam. I love Max Mara and all the other labels of the group. So stylish, such good quality.
      Coming Thursday I am showing a white dress from SportMax on my blog. Bought in Milan.

  10. And I like your sketches and your shoes.