Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Man in The Iron Mask

With Autumn, the  celebrations for the Man in The Iron Mask are back And I was ready to enjoy the days!
Mild temperatures allowed to still wear  t-shirts.

On Sunday I found a good place in the square to see the entrance of the main character. 
(According to the tradition he was Luis XIV secret twin who had been prisoned in Savoy )

Well, as I said I was wearing a t-shirt, but  my outfit needed something sparkling for the occasion
( hence, I matched the top to a midi skirt with decorations )

After all, there were the most beautiful dames in their gorgeous period costumes around!!

I made a pair of earrings with beads in a pale shade of light blue and filigrane 

Which would have been nice with one of  these berets and the lady's costume! 

I was wearing a very festive pair of shoes
( they are from soft velvet for extra comfort )

The show went on with extra  characters  telling the whole story for two days

In the afternoon I put on a jacket with funny  (fake) hairy pockets
Which probably I already posted somewhere last year

I wanted to stay until late ( when the release of the mysterious prisoner was scheduled )
and it was becoming chilly

The story inspired the movie The Man in the Iron Mask  a 1998 American action drama film directed, produced, and written by Randall Wallace, and starring Leonardo DiCaprio .

At the end of the day I said  bye bye to the Three  Musketeers ...  until next year! 


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Good to see you around, Dan, looking your usual elegant self. I love, love, love that midi skirt and the jacket with the fur pockets is pretty unusual. How pretty are those earrings you made! What a wonderfully quaint and colourful event, too! xxx

    1. I bought the denim skirt last summer at a reduced price , it was too heavy weight and I couldn't wear it. Now it is right what I need!

  3. This was an interesting post. Thanks. I love that long skirt on you. I really need more of your guidance. I would be dressed so much better. Love the sparkly bits on the skirt and the shoes are adorable. And no, you have not posted the jacket with the fluffy pockets on your blog before. Believe me, I would know. They are very unexpected and quirky (= a good thing). Good to see Grillo is still on his feet. I miss you and my trips to Turin so much.

    1. You have very good memory ( much better than mine ) and so I can be sure you are right about my jacket!! Of course it comes from the MM outlet . The denim skirt is Weekend of MaxMara, which I bought in Turin ... it seems as I see something unmissable everywhere I go!!

      Luckily Grillo is ok again at last!

  4. What a fun blazer! And those earrings are so beautiful! That must have been a lovely show to watch!

    1. It was indeed! It was indeed! A two-day show as a jump back in past times...

  5. What a fascinating celebration! I love your gorgeous shoes and the earrings you made are beautiful. Your dog is very interested with the smell of that pavement! X

    1. ha ha! my little dog is very interested in the pavement in fact he always hope to find something good to eat around!!

  6. What a fun celebration to enjoy!!
    I have a sweater like your jacket, and it's so unique!!

    1. A sweater with fake fur pockets? Nice!

  7. I have missed you Dan! First, love your whole look but particularly the earrings and velvet slippers! Great photos too. Shared the atmosphere.

    1. Glad that you like, Gail!
      I am happy you are here again ...

  8. What a beautiful post, Dan!
    I really love your one tone outfit, and I would love to style a t-shirt like you with long skirt!
    The trailer of 'The Man in the Iron' looks so great, so I'll watch this week <3
    Thank you for your recommendation!!