Wednesday, 28 September 2016


A new week, a new post .... I have already posted a combination of a dress above a pair of trousers, but seems that I recently find it irresistible!  

And the funny thing is that I   have never been wearing such a combination in past years!
What about you?  Is it something that you usually wear? 
My  today's dress has a snake print and I paired it with a pair of brown trousers .

I was strolling  about my city the other day and thinking that Italy sometimes is a funny country! 

 You can find holy images and statues everywhere

Especially on old buildings

Probably they are there to give a helping hand ...
... for those who believe.

For those who don't,  it's simply art ....

I was surprised to see two on this wall 

and thought that the owner of the flat can  really feel on the safe side! 

I  find that those paintings enrich the houses and create a quite typical vibe.

By the way ... on the ground floor  of the building where I live, a neighbour put a statue on the stairs ....

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

About Autumn ...

We are officially in Autumn now. Time to put away sleeveless t-shirts and  the perfect weather for wearing a shirt, here.

What I  regret  is that I have to say goodbye to my  sandals and my feet ... seem to reject every other kind of  shoes at the moment! 

Better start with a pair of very soft ones...

Of course, early in the morning I also need a light weight jacket ...

Those of you who regularly  read my posts know that I try to see the flip side of things and so I was wondering what are the three best sides of the just started season ...

1. Walking in the afternoon when the light of the day decreases and the colours look a bit different
(  when daylight saving  time starts and the afternoon gets dark early, which in my opinion is a bit melancholic but very sweet  )

2. The day of my birthday  is  approaching!!
( I was born in November )

3. The Autumn issue of Vogue Accessories in on sale!!!

So ... very welcome back, Autumn!!

P.S. Have you got any special reason to love the season? 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Time for changing or ... is it too early? ?

When do you start thinking about the new season's fashion suggestions? 
Half of September  for me often corresponds to the  mood for changing...

I start thinking about the F/W collections and what will be the key pieces of my wardrobe.

So, while I was strolling about the  city the other day, I realised that probably I wouldn't have  used a bag with rope handles in winter.
(my O' Chic Bag )

A quick visit to the O' Shop suggested me the solution: faux fur and coordinated handles for a most winter Look! 
My O'Bag is totally different now, isn't It? 

Well,  not the best combination with a pair of sandals as it is probably too early for a bag with fur!


I couldn't resist to the temptation of wearing it for the first time!  

I am quite sure that my bag will match nicely to most of my winter clothes...

Do you have any new ideas for the cold season? 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

What to wear at work

It had to happen sooner or later ...

The first day of work has arrived! 

The weather is still good and the temperatures are only a bit lower. So, what to wear at work? 
Not the dresses that have spent with me the summer : too light weight, too sleeveless,  always too something!!

Here you are  my solution:

A too short dress on a pair of slim trousers! 
The dress, after a wrong wash  ( how silly of me not to follow the directions!  ), became too short to be worn alone and has remained  sadly hanging  in my closet for a while .

Since it was a good quality item, I didn't want to throw it away, but really couldn't find a good Idea!  

Now, worn with the right accessories

it has a new life...

...and I have something perfect for work! 

So, I suggest ... never, ever decide too in a hurry on the matter of clothes!!

Monday, 29 August 2016

About yellow dresses, O' bags and a pair of gloves

Last week my friend Greetje came for a visit

We spent together four sunny days with high temperatures ( which very surprisingly didn't bother her!! )

We had  time for sightseeing, 

sharing some of the beauty around

and having lunch in the open air.

If you are wondering about shopping, I say that ... the new Greetje's white O'bag can suggest you the most correct answer!! 

As well as my brown gloves of course!

It is not bad having friends, is It? 

Monday, 15 August 2016


National holiday yesterday in Italy.
 (15th of August recalls the  Roman emperor Augusto's holidays )
Most Italians enjoyed the day on the  beach..
I wasn't an exception! 

Sunshine, blue sky and the sea in front of me ...

... colourful buildings at my back.

Cotton light weight beach dress without jewels.
I don't wear jewels in very hot days, ( do you? ) .
 Not comfortable,
there will be plenty of time in cold seasons! 

In any case, my dress, has a little bow as front decoration! 

( view )

I spent the day sunbathing, swimming and and then comfortably placed in the shadow,

sipping my favourite drink ...