Sunday, 22 May 2016

Turin and the Fiat

Are you fond of cars? I am not, unless I have a sentimental reason.
Last Sunday I went to the Mirafiori district of Turin to visit the Motor Village.

It is a Fiat showroom opened a few years ago.
I don't want to change my car at the moment but I had a certain interest in the place and besides, I thought to take photos there.

It is a beautiful, contemporary place full of photos of important events for the brand  and of cars ( Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, of course! )

There are funny drawings of the 500 car, a store where they sell advertising items and a delightful caffetteria with dehor.

Turin has always been, above all, the city of Fiat ( established here 
in 1916 ) and of its owners: Agnelli family.
and the showroom takes place in a part of the old industrial factory.
 from there my interest in the place


The weather was nice but not too hot and I could wear a long sleeve viscose dress.
( look carefully at the first photo: it has strategically placed colours for a thinner look!)

The bridge - Fratelli Rossetti

I had my white bag with me.

The story of Fiat is strictly linked to the story of the city and in some ways, to my
life ...

Monday, 16 May 2016

Real or fake?

Is there anything more beautiful than flowers? 

If real roses are among my favourites

I must admit that nowadays fake ones are at least as beautiful as real ...

And, what about these bunch of  tulips?
Last Sunday I saw a stand that was selling every kind of ( synthetic ) flowers and   was tempted to buy some for my sitting room ... 

It was a warm day here. One of those days which reminds you that the summer is near...
I took out one of my light weight dresses, but since I  believed it hardly was going to be a very hot day, I decided to bring  also a  jacket ( the same  I had in my last post...I never really trust the weather forecasts, do you? )

Luckily, at least  I wore a pair of sandals ... 

...because it turned out to be a very hot day!

Do you have fake flowers at home? They don't need water or care and last forever.
But there isn't life in them and  no change is possible ...
besides, they have no perfume.

... At the end I decided not to buy ...

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Hello, dearest! Checkered fabric trousers for me today:
a bit wide, a bit short ... a bit funny!

I love them!

But you can see nothing really artistic so far in the post ... Be patient! The art will come before long!

As many of you know, my going out always includes a pleasant break for a coffee or a cappuccino.

Well, I think that today I got the most beautiful ever!

And, what about this other ones? 
Many cafes here serve artistic cappuccinos

And every barman has his own style!
 I confess,  when it is a special one, I can't resist and take a photo.

Do they serve artistic cappuccinos in your part of the world?

I wish you the best week and ... a nice cappuccino, if you like!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Rainy weekend

Two rainy days on end are a loooong time  and, probably, I wouldn't have gone out, 


since, with very low temperatures and my warm clothes already put away, 
I didn't know what to wear 

But I had to withdraw a pair of my favourite shoes which I had taken to repair.
And so, made up my mind and went out.

It was worthwhile since, in a shop, I saw a copper bracelet that matched nicely to my rings. Of course, I immediately bought it! 
( but I swear ... only paid 9€ for It! )

And wore it right away!

Three more ( red ) things made my day:
a beautiful rose which was about to bloom


a mill ( in the center of Turin!?! ) which reminded me a dear friend

and a funny, but very gracious, dancer!

At last I reached the shoemaker
 ( I have to confess that I had never seen such a tidy workshop! )

My babies are again at home now !!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Visiting Asti

Though I love the city of Turin,
it happens that an event makes it overcrowded.

So, a fortnight ago I decided to spend the day in  Asti.

It is not far from where I live, not too big, quiet and tidy.

Ancient how I like.

The perfect place for a relaxing tour!

 I found so much beauty to admire!

Besides, it was Sunday and no shopping was possible there!

I know that  it may sound like a downside, 
nothing could distract me from the sightseeing.

I really enjoyed the day ...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mustard colour skirt

Max and co.

I can't stay long away from shopping and while at home with flu ( see previous post ), I bought this skirt online

Mustard colour is not easy to find and I couldn't miss the chance to have it in my closet! ( or ... could I ??? )

The skirt has a lovely an unusual shape, shorter at the front that caught my attention

Luisa Spagnoli

And goes nicely with my blue jacket !

Of course a new  bracelet was owed!

To tell the truth, the whole outfit looks a bit hostess-uniform style, which I emphasized wearing a bandana.

Now, looking at the photos, I am wondering if it was too much! 

What time does  the flight take off ???