Monday, 14 July 2014

About the kindness...

I was on my way home a fortnight ago, 

and, as usual, I passed next to of the nice garden which I have already used  once as a background for my photos

The garden was especially beautiful because it was full of flowers  

Of course, to keep a garden in orden requires a lot of work, and in fact there was a lady who was taking care of the roses

I stopped for a moment admiring the garden, so the woman offered me a bunch of those flowers...

at home I thought that the kindness makes this world a better place where to live!

( by the way, it has been quite chilly recently here and I have restyled the asimmetrycal dress I wore some weeks ago )

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Are you ready?

Are you ready to follow me to the seaside?    :-)

Liviana Conti

Of course that requires the choosing of the appropriate dress...


and a huge straw bag for the beach! ( do you have one? They are soooo cute! )

At last  has come the time to pack up and enjoy some days by the sea!!
And packing up is so an hard job for me!
How can I decide to bring only one bag on holidays?
And to say nothing about shoes!!

( so you can see in this photo my extra bag...just in case...)

I know  well  that, very soon, I will start realizing   I need just what I have left at home...

I hope that packing up is an easier task for you...


...and that you are enjoyng the summer as well...

See you next week!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Street art

This is my favourite  period of the year! The summer has just started, temperatures are not too high yet, long lazy days and new interesting discovers are waiting for me...( or, at least this is my feeling! )

I like strolling about, with no purpose in mind...

...I am not working at the moment ( on holidays for a while!) 

The other day in the city,  were doing some works. The works were taking place in the very center of Turin and they had been hidden behind a wall.On the wall there were some pictures 

I found it was a nice idea to keep the city attractive and tiny

 the pictures looked  intersting and  I took my weekly photos. 
A plain dress with a turtle neck,  for me this time 

 ( today I forgot my earrings at home and perhaps a contrasting necklace would have been nice, but I am afraid that the relaxed atmosphere of holidays has influenced my style! )

Monday, 23 June 2014

Another asymmetrical dress...

I love dresses! The reason is that I find them extremely comfortable! 
A more reason is the little time it takes me to get ready!
Especially in summer...

when I need to add nothing more that some cute jewelry


and one of my many handbags!

( by the I have chosen a tiny courtyard for my pictures,

which is just next to a traditional pastry and cafe where I often stop for a delicious break)

Liviana Conti

at a close look, you can notice that my dress  is absolutely asymmetrical: one sleeve is shorter that the other, and the hem is longer at the front...

I have a slight different taste in dresses recently, and I realize that I was also wearing an asymmetrical dress last week...does it mean anything?   :-)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Super comfort!

Let's start from my flats...last week I ended my post with a photo of my new sandals...
then, while I was talking to my dear friend Greetje of No Fear of Fashion, I told her the shoes weren't so comfortable as I had hoped. Reading her reply, I had the idea that would have  solved my problem...

And here it is : a slab of silicone that promises super comfort!

Liviana Conti

And it really works!! So now I am ready to show you how I styled my flats!

I paired the sandals with this odd  dress, which is quite different from those I use to wear

An odd dress calls for an odd ring!   

And, ( of course )one of my  necklaces! ( you know I have hundreds, made by myself )


And for those of you who like giving a look at the surroundings, this is the street where I shoot

and this is the building which you saw behind me...see you next week! 
( if you like )

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I am back!

It was a looooong time without my tab, ( which I usually use to surf and blog )and I missed the internet very much! 
Luckily today I had it back from the assistance point.
I couldn't wait to know what was happening to you and tell what I did... ( well, probably nothing very interesting! )

First of all I knitted...

I made a lot of these cotton flowers 
( but I don't know exactly what I will use them for! )

Second, I took some photos with yellow subjects

I had never seen the prickly pear flowers before...


And finally...about fashion! I bought a pair of flat sandals!! I know it could sound unbelievable...and besides, I am not sure about how to match them...

so for a full-length photo, better wait until next week!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Buttons and more...

Is there anything cute in a pair of ordinary buttons? I don't think So! And I decided they couldn't stay any longer on my new cotton cardigan...

I  just had to choose among the ones of my collection ... ( yes, I like collecting buttons of every kind, as you can see in the selection )

Here there are the  ones which could go nicely! Better, aren't they?

...on my cardigan now! ( I know, I know, you can't see the change...but I like it more ! )

A little moment of rest for you...   :-)

viewing  this nice garden...

and then a look at my today's outfit : it's time for a white dress and my red bag which is purple as I am using it with the inside side out ( it is double-face )

As you can see I am not alone...and mr. Bangio is trying to catch my attention passing again and again while I am taking photos!

Here you can see what he wants! Old dear friend!

 The  last photos... that's all for today, girls!

P.s. my tab will be at the assistance point, so I am not sure I will be able to post next week...    :-(