Saturday, 18 February 2017

Derby shoes

I always wear high heels but have recently seen many derby shoes on fashion  magazines. 
They had been matched to skirts and created beautiful outfits.
I decided for  trying.

Max Mara

I found this pair and immediately decided they had to be mine ... 

I matched them to my  asymmetric  skirt and a blue sweater with bows for a modern look.

In my opinion my modern look needed a contrasting background ...  So I chose an old and tiny shop where they sell antique pictures.
Taking photos for the blog is a notable matter, after all!! 

No necklace today but a silk scarf

( I found the old shop so cute and took many photos of it )

I didn't wear a necklace because I had chosen very big earrings. 
By the way ... these ones are a present that I gave to  myself. The reason? 
I felt happy!  Isn't it the best reason for a gift??
( I always have a good reason...sometimes I surprise by myself!  )

My other jewelry and dark red nail polish

here I am with my grey coat and Armani bag.

Tempereatures are rising Spring ( at last ) behind the corner?? 
Let's hope ...

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A gift

I hardly miss the occasion to celebrate, and last Saturday wanted to find a little gift for my beloved Mr.

The perfect occasion for a walk in  the city and brighten a very cloudy and gloomy day ...

Ice Iceberg 

I was wearing brown fishnet tights  ( which, in my opinion,  go nicely with everything in winter!)

Woollen grey hat  ( the best  solution against frizz hair!!! ) and a yellow bandana matching my skirt...

I can't tell you how much I walked, but at the end I found the  scent, the one I would have loved to smell on him ...

In the evening I gave the present, received one and enjoyed a lovely time. 
Have you noticed?  To give is at least as pleasant as to receive...

I never forget to celebrate ... it fills my heart with joy! 

Happy Valentine's day ...

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Talking about long skirts

Long skirts are not easy to style  for me.
Not only because  in winter they overpass the coats, 

But also because at a certain age you risk to have a too old style .

In my opinion short jumpsuits often work with long skirts and add a modern touch to the ensemble. 
( As well as a pair of  mid-leg brown boots)

As I wanted a classic look but  not  too classic, I tried a blue top with silver-coloured  polka dots 

and  a lovely bow at the back !

( crystal jewelry )

And here, the look with the skirt overpassing my coat.
An assistant at my favourite shop said that short coats are made for being overpassed ...
In any case, either you like it or not,  please, note how my outfit perfectly  matches  my dog's!! 

I swear,  it wasn't my intention...    :-)

Any other ideas about how to style a long skirt??

Monday, 30 January 2017

Grey with flowers

With low temperatures  I am definitely preferring trousers  and so, I thought it would have been better if I had a good selection of them
( you know, I am a wise woman...)


The trousers that I am wearing today have white flowers on a grey background .
With such a rich print I opted for a plain top in pink.

And a red gemstone necklace

( One of the reasons why I love Turin, is the presence of antique  cafes that resist to the pass of  time  and the opening of new and  beautiful, but very similar to each other, places ) 

Not only the low temperatures convinced me to wear trousers more often, but I also had to adopt an extra solution to stay warm ...

In Italy we call it a "100 grams" : it's very thin and wearable underneath a coat...

At last something which really works in very cold days:

for me at the moment represents the perfect solution...
Any other ideas from your side of the world? 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Richly-printed trousers

In winter almost every inside space with  sufficient light  represents an inviting place for a shooting. 
(  for me just a few things are worse than freezing temperatures )

Just like this office. 
With big windows and quite strong artificial lights !!

Do you like richly-printed trousers? I found this pair at a very discounted price and I fell  in love with  both the floral print  and the shape  ( neihter too tight nor too large ).
Well, to be honest, I have to admit that ... I very easily fall in love with  discounted, high-quality items!
Quickly  decided that, due to their light colour,  those trousers were exactly what I would have loved to wear in spring too...

They seemed to match to my bag

and even to my old cashmere cardigan.

Is  there any unmissable new piece in your closet after the end-of-the-season sales?  For me they are a temptation! But sometimes when at home  I realize that the item I have just bought  isn't really my taste ...

Not in this case anyway...I am still  satisfied with the purchase... 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A fairy-tale city

During the last holidays I spent some days in Mantova.
It's  a small city  of about 40.000 inhabitants situated in the North East of Italy. 

It is crossed by the river Mincio and there are canals in the city 

Water adds to the place a magical vibe...

It was  cold in those days and here it is the best I could do to match warmth and fashion ...
( not a very good result anyway ) 
I  can't tell you how cold it was!!!

Despite the low temperatures there were cafes with tables in the open air where people were comfortably sipping coffee...
( the one above was empty because closed the day I took the photo )

Many touristic attractions 

Of special beauty

I enjoyed the tour so much!!
( another example of veeeeery relaxed outfit)

Never mind... I will look more elegant next week! 

Sorry, I couldn't resist to publish a  last  ( silly) photo...  

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Celebrations are over!

Hi, darlings!  What about your last weeks? 

In Italy we celebrate on the 6th of January the last national holiday of Christmas time and , if you add that both my mother and husband have their birthday in the first week of the year,  can understand that I had a very busy fortnight !  

Many of you have finished everything concerning  the celebrations  days ago,  but this is Italy, you know...

In any case,  between a dinner with parents and a meeting with  friends for  greetings  and wishes 

during the last two weeks I found some time to take  photos for the blog! 

Here, they were the days between  Christmas and New Year 's eve

We were sooooo tired! 
( but luckily now no more celebrations for a while, my dear...)

Next week something about a  journey I did ...