Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Steet style

Today is the 15th of August which is a national holiday here.
I  celebrate it with a different post about street style on holiday.
Most of the ladies I took photos of are over 40 years old

This one is wearing a lace dress and has a scarf in her hair.
She is back from the supermarket, but doesn't  give up being stylish! 

( she is also on high, golden-coloured sandals )

A young lady with a gorgeous dress

Nice blue  dress with a big neckline  for a walk with husband

Mini dress for the beach

Elegant  neutral colour for cocktail time

I always like when ladies dress up! 

Who is my favourite? The lady above, very elegant while  chatting on the net!

Have a wonderful day ...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The most modern of my skirts

Hello darlings!  I am wearing today the most modern of my skirts

Away from the heat of the city I went to Liguria region. I took photos at a seaside resort called Bordighera.
Staying by the see is always a relief when it's too hot !

Here it is my super modern skirt . As you see it has a very loose waist closed by a rope
( please note my necklace. Greetje bought it for me in one of her visit to Turin. 
It's very summery and soooo chic! )


A medium sized bag which I can carry on my shoulder and having my hands free


I found a happy medium between high heels and flat shoes 
Which is at the moment my style...

The top is knitted and comfortable. It is not visible in photos,  but it has a very accurate manifacture that looks like a lace. I couldn't resist to have it ( Falconeri )  even if iI I am not a fan of sleveeless top.
I decided to buy it after thinking for a while . 
At the end I am satisfied with the purchase. 

Bordighera is where I bought my skirt a couple of weeks ago
( nice shops here, with clothes a bit different from those I usually buy )

Summer is a good time for experimenting something different.
Not bad going out of comfort zone when you are on holiday, right?

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

St. Giulio

This post refers to the second day in Orta ( small city on Orta lake  )
 I was wearing a different t-shirt .

Even if my platform shoes were very comfortable , I had to buy a pair of flat sandals to be able to safely walk on pebblestones! 
( is what happens when you decide for a very lightweight luggage!!)

Then I was ready for a visit to the tiny island of San Giulio

A world of silence, where there is a monastery , a small restaurant  and

many narrow halleys where you could  see  the   shining water of the lake in the distance.

I was caught by the silent beauty of the island

where many indications invited visitors to be silent in respect of the place 
and the meditation that there took place .

The same day my husband helped a swallow

And finally we had dinner in the open air, at a typical little restaurant with tablecloths of different colours.

It has been  a very  special day.