Saturday, 23 February 2013

In my bag

My bag is my world when I'm not at home. This one is the last I bought. I like it because is large and can keep all I need.

When my granny came and visit us (it was ages ago! ), I was very interested to see what was holding in her purse ( and I can still remember she always had a little perfumed handkerchief ).
What's in my Max Mara today: an enormous, brown wallet with a lot of fidelity cards (many shops have one ), sunglasses, a muji felt tip ( in case I have to take a note ), a bunch of keys with a little mirrow, a selection of tiny glosses and lipsticks, my even more small Nivea cream  ( that can't miss in winter ! ) , my beloved Galaxy tab (which I use for taking photos ) and a pack of tissues that my grandmother would gringe!!

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