Tuesday, 26 February 2013

That's me!

Here you are some THAT'S ME! notes ( if you are interested in, otherwise skip! )

1. Iwas born in Italy

2. Two years ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy tab

3.When I was in Primary School, my mother used to tie up my black hair and put two 

red ribbons in it

4.I graduated in Torino

5. I can't stand people who abuse animals

6. I personalize almost everything I according with my taste ( once I  changed buttoms 

to a cardigan and it became unique!

7. One of my favourite books for children is Pinocchio ( by Collodi )

8. I like drawning

9. I love chocolate. Especially Easter eggs one ( it's so thin! )

10. As a teen ager I felt like Uggly Betty!

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