Sunday 11 December 2016

A different post

This is a different post ,  with photos of very different subjects. Each one is of something that I have seen during the week and loved . 
Like the beautiful plant growing on a wall.
(I don't know the name , do you ? )

If you like, can  follow my ( at random ) thoughts  ,  are welcome ! 

In my opinion white  is one among the most sophisticated choices for the cold season.
Not very easy to wear, but
I like everything of the outfit ...
(sorry but I forgot to note the brand )

Max Mara 

But I didn't this time ! !
(One of my favourite brands )

Booties are my passion!  I have got many in different colours , but not the wonderful ones which I saw on a magazine. 


I think I could wear a floral print pair with many of my skirts !!

The reason why I love booties is because they add a modern touch to the look . 
(And my look is often quite  classic )

Ohhhhhhh,  a delightful hairstyle ! Very tempting ...
( but not sure it would look the same on me ... different hair sometimes  means different results! )

And finally, on  the matter of temptations and things I loved during the week ...
here you are the sweetest one:
frozen yoghurt with chopped  pistachios!! I could live of it!!

What do you really love? 

P.s . 
Remember to enjoy everything of your week...


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  2. Wonderful inspirations, Dan!!
    My husband loves his ice cream---in fact for his 50th birthday, he got 50 days of ice cream!!
    I just bought a pair of floral booties this year and have been loving the heck out of them!! I think you should too!!

    1. 50 days of ice cream is a great gift!! :-)

      A pair of floral booties is not in my closet yet, but ... surely in my wish list !!!

  3. These floral boots are fantastic! I wish I could find some with flat heels.
    I love chocolate, particularly with caramell creme and I love creme brulée and warm, never ending summer days.
    Probably these are elderberries in the first picture.
    Sabine xxx

    1. I love chocolate too!
      I can't wait to taste chocolate panettone ( a traditional Christmas cake)...
      P. S.
      Thanks for the information about the plant!

  4. That's a lovely post, Dan. I love booties too, but I've never seen the likes of those floral ones. Like Sabine, I do think the wall-growing plant might be Elderberry or, with its Latin name, Sambucus. xxx

    1. Thanks for the information!
      Sambucus looked so delicate and defenceless against the cold winter day! I thought it was a sort of hero!! (Funny thought, I know...)

  5. I would have had a hard time not coming home with that Max Mara suit! My favorite indulgence is probably chocolate, nothing better than a good chocolate bar.

    1. Haha... I am with you Flo, about chocolate!

  6. Lovely post Dan! Those floral boots are something I would not mind to have in my wardrobe too! My greatest weakness is chocolate! I need it every day, at least a small piece!

  7. A small piece of chocolate every day? This is what I call...a delicious indulgence!! :-)

  8. Great post! All lovely photos.


  9. Dan,
    I love this post. It is fun to follow you, and what you see in a week, I love this format and hope you continue it.
    I loved all of the photos, the fashion shots are inspiring, and I love the pretty vine. I love white for winter, but in NY it is tough to wear, and keep clean.
    I love spending time with my dog while reading the newspaper , listening to audiobooks, walking around the neighborhood, which has the best shopping, and I drink a flute of champagne each and every day ., always with a friend. There is always something to celebrate.
    Happy holidays dear Dan!
    xx, Elle

  10. Blogging for me is also a way to see places and know different habits. And it is nice when other bloggers let you know about theirs... this post is a quick visit into my thoughts . I am glad that you enjoyed it!

  11. Very inspirational post. I totally agree with the outfits you are showing. They are heaven. And I agree with your booties ideas. I am finally adding some to my wardrobe too. Thanks to you and Elle I might add.
    My week(s) are filled with meeting friends. Which is always at the top of my wishlist.

  12. I so enjoyed this peek into your thoughts on so many glorious things.The floral booties and both outfits are just lovely and I know I would so enjoy the frozen yoghurt and pistachios.Hope you are enjoying the holiday season Dan.

  13. I love Max Mara and I love the floral boots! Not sure about the hairstyle. Imagine only being able to see out of one eye? Brush it to the side and the look is gone. I just got my mother out of hospital today after a long stay. This has made me smile all day! Although I have a lot of catching up to do! I need to get my Christmas skates on! Have a great weekend Dan xx

  14. This lace dress is stunning! It really flatters you. Perfect choice!

  15. Lovely post!!!
    The suits of Max Mara is so cool, and that hair photo is so you!
    Have a lovely Christmas, Dan!!