Friday 21 June 2013



A few weeks ago I went to Serravalle Village to buy something I was in extreme need of,     :-)      as I told in a post. There, I bought the dress in the photo, which has a nice  floral print.

Yesterday morning,  I found it would be a good idea to go to Torino and buy some new beads. I put my new dress on, my glass necklace  and took my Coccinelle bag.
Mr. Bangio wasn't in the mood of staying at home, so he decided to join.
Since I am fond of  decor, I had a glance at the shop you can see behind me

 They sell beautiful fabrics which use also to cover armchairs.

Finally I went to the little shop where I usually buy  all the little stuff I need to make necklaces.
I will show you if something good comes out!

 I hope you had a nice week. See you soon!


  1. Very cute! It didn't look so nice on the hanger but the dress fits your body very well.

  2. Dan.
    I'm also fond of the little DIY
    Sometimes I make necklaces, bracelets and rings.
    Now show us how you get yours.
    I love your dress has style, is original and looks great on you.
    These days I was away and missed several of your post

  3. Great, Curra! It looks as though we have something in common...I will soon dedicate a post to my "stuff"

  4. I love this dress, it has a beautiful stamping, and seems very comfortable. You look good.

  5. Hi Josep, I was attracted by the stamp too, and when I tryed it on I found that it was also very confortable! The right dress for a day at work!

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Missy, this dress is quite different from those I usually wear, perhaps that is why I bought. . .

  7. Oh a Piazza Sempione...I once had a black summer suit by this brand. SO LOVELY. Like your dress. I love it. It looks perfect on you. So glad you bought it (silly isn't it?).

  8. I love that brand. I have also a pair of pants Piazza Sempione. It is a good brand but not very famous. You are a real fashion expert!
    And. . .what you have said is so cute!!

  9. Lovely dress. Thanks for taking us shopping with you.
    Look forward to seeing your necklace.

  10. The dress looks great on you! I can't wait to see your necklace--I need to get my jewelry supplies out and make something, just don't know what.

  11. Hi dear Flo, I am working hard to make my necklace!I too sometimes want to make something but don ' t know what!

  12. Thank you for your comment on my post about the buntings. You can find the tutorial here:
    Wish you lots of fun with crocheting. A crocheted triangle necklace sounds very inspiring to me.

    1. It's very kind of you to give me the address. I hope buntings won't be too difficult to make.
      And... well, my necklace is made of wood and pearls,but a crocheted one would be fantastic!

  13. How completely, strikingly lovely - you're a walking canvas showcasing a beautiful work of art in that chic, wonderful dress.

    Many thanks for comment on my vintage outfit post, it's delightful to meet you, dear lady.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. What a nice comment, Jessica! Thanks. I like your unique blog!

  15. This dress is gorgeous and it looks great on you! Such a beautiful design and lovely colors. I think of all the blogs I am following now, I feel the most in-sink with your choices. Perfect sandal also.

    blue hue wonderland

  16. ...and I love your comments!