Saturday, 13 April 2013

A warm day

Today is a very warm day, at last spring seems has arrived here too!! It's time to take off my coat. 

Grey is one of my favourite colours as I find it elegant but not as severe as black. This wool jacket I wear  ( Mila Schon ) isn't new but I always feel at ease when wearing it.

My quite classic purse has a nice purple tinge that I find is fine with grey...

...and finally I have a green giada necklace I made myself.


  1. Lookin good..very stylish..I too, love grey..

  2. Very elegant outfit. The silver/grey suits you very good. Lovely bag; one of the many....
    Your necklace is perfect. I had to look up the word giada, but it is what I thought it was: jade. I love jade. Well done. Classic and modern at the same time.

  3. ...every now and then I like to put an Italian word while writing...and don't realise it could be hard to understand...