Saturday, 20 April 2013

A nice day


I am very fond of bags and I have many. This time I have chosen this one. It is quite old but I love that. 

Then a pair of big earrings.

As the weather is bad here, I put on my wool jacket and scarf, my rain hat ( just in case ). Bangio doesn't matter the weather, he has his raincoat on and we two are ready... the city center for some shopping...

...and finally coffee time...
I wear a silk shirt (Max Mara Group ), a green wool cardigan ( Mal√¨parmi ) and a pair of  very confortable Geox shoes


  1. You always look nice..I can't remember the last time I was dressed like that..

  2. Thanks, ( when I left home, I knew I had to take photos... )

  3. You are looking classy, elegant, modern and stylish. How about that. Whenever I am in your neighbourhood I will sure look you up and we can go shopping together.
    When you are wearing the bag it is much bigger than I had imagined looking at the photo with just the bag. I love Furla. You cannot go wrong with that brand.

  4. ...I known some stores...

  5. Oh, your Euro chic sense of style is so evident here Dan! Very, very nice!

    Sue xo

    1. Thanks Sue, unfortunately here the weather is not so good yet and I still have to wear something heavy. . .

  6. Hi Dan! I haven't been to your blog in a while. Your pictures are great! You and your dog are lovely. Beautiful outfit --interesting tights and cute hat.

  7. hi Ann, welcome back,I am looking forward to wearing my lighter things!