Thursday, 18 April 2013

Graphic prints


Well, I think I can't afford a least not for the time being... but  I like very much...

 anyway, today I start my day with my grafic print dress ( Marella ) and a smile!

Please note: no tights today! ( but don't watch too much my pale legs! )

My rain jacket ( Nike ) protects me from chilly air in the morning  

and finally, one of my many huge bags ( Coccinelle ). For me, when I am at work, the bigger the better!


  1. A lovely dress. I really like the stamping. I think you should put the pictures somewhat larger.

  2. Your advice is precious to me, the photos are larger now.

  3. Very nice dress. Looking very good on you.
    If I was to buy such a dress I would ask the shop manager to re-arrange the black and white bits hahaha. Black pattern near my waist as I hardly have a waist and the white pattern near my hips because they are very narrow. Beautiful graphic dress and you are wearing very nice modern shoes with it. (I have a hopelessly old fashioned taste with shoes ... sigh.)