Friday, 26 April 2013


For some reason that I can't understand, the post BREAKFAST AT CORSO and all the beautiful comments I had received, have disappeared from my blog! Now I can just republish the photos and the text. Once again SORRY!


When I am in the mood for a great breakfast, one of my best places is Corso in Cuneo. Their pastries ( and above all the "veneziana" ) are really delicious.

Cuneo is a small town in my way towards the sea of Liguria. A stop there for me is a must. ( sometimes my dog  doesn't want to look at the camera )

As I said:today Bangio hasn't the slightest idea to collaborate! 


  1. Beautiful skirt and tights, you are one stylish lady!

  2. Hi Ann, it's nice to hear you...and thanks for your kind comment!

  3. Thos tights indeed add even more flavour to the picture of you being elegant. (Watch out for all that want to keep your lovely figure. LOL)

  4. I couldn't resist. . . just vegetables for lunch today!